Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things I Love...

...About Work...

That my brothers go to the school I work at.

For instance: Mom calls me while I'm grading papers:

Mom: Can you go over to the Elementary School? Nicholas needs you.

Me: Sure. What's up?

Mom: He tied his shoes together.

Me: Ummmm...

Mom: No one over there can get them untied. Can you go try?

So I go over there. These aren't shoes with laces. They have little buttons you push down and slide them up the two strings. Hopefully that makes sense. Regardless. I laughed for the rest of my life. Nicholas says he just got bored in class.

And yes, I did manage to get his shoe"laces" untangled. Victory.

My 8th grade students.
-Laughing with them.
-Seeing them get really into something.
-Me getting really into what they're doing.
-The sucking up.
-The trying to be sneaky around Mrs. Thurman and fail.
-Being called "Mrs. Thurman".. and "teacher" for the more generically-inclined students.
-Reading the things they write.

Every day I give my kids a writing prompt and they have ten minutes to write about it in their journals. Then they come up and check it off with me. Today they were instructed to write a love letter to something they love (I stole this idea from Julie.. thank you Julie!).

Some of them were pretty fun.. oxygen, chocolate.. one kid actually wrote it to a girl at school.. haha.. cute! He was very embarrassed. It was adorable.

One student in particular.. I should have guessed.. wrote it to himself. Praised his glowing eyes and his magical voice and his silky smooth brown skin. I think I laughed, again, forever.

The other day we were cleaning out the "nurse's office" that belongs to our non-existant nursing staff and is really only used to house tampons and such. It other houses other miscellanious items. We decided to investiage.

While cleaning, I happened upon a creepy plastic hand. Apparently used for massaging. Or scaring people. Naturally, I took it back to my desk, pulled out my aqua sharpie (also found in the back office), and painted it's nails. Let the fun begin.

The hand can now be found sporatically throughout the office, in people's purses, or waiting on your desk for you, holding mysterious items.

Today we also found and stole such treasures as a bobbly-head pen with a suction cup on the bottom.. who doesn't need one of those?! And a pen/highlighter/post-it note carrier. Some people are geniuses.

I love my job.