Wednesday, August 8, 2012

one week

tomorrow our little guy will be one week old. time flies, huh? it doesn't feel like it, since he spent a good chunk of that time in the nicu, but we're making up for it! it's definitely been the most crazy week of our lives... lots of ups and downs, but definitely more ups. i guess we're keeping him!

i've been meaning to start taking more photos... this little guy is the perfect excuse. i missed a couple of days in there, as he was hooked up to every machine, but we're definitely taking them now. hopefully he's not too sick of the camera yet ;)

august 05

sunday morning the pediatrician asked, "so, you ready to go home with your son?" uhhh... yes?!! so happy to take this kid home with us. he had to pass all sorts of tests and we had to watch all sorts of videos, but we did it.

ten minutes after we got him home, friends and family started coming over. throughout the day we had almost thirty people come visit, but we were so happy to see everyone. he slept through most of it, obviously loving all the attention ;)

august 06

graysen got to meet uncle scott & aunt natalie before the headed home for idaho.

he was very happy about it. he makes the best faces :)

then we headed over to the thurman's for a family bbq. 

bree, gray & noah.. three thurman cousins born within three months of each other. gray obviously missed out on the blonde memo!

august 07

on tuesday we ventured over to the thurmans again so that aunt kelly could snap some pro newborn photos of gray (here is her website... she takes the best newborn photos EVER!)

i had to snap a couple at the end in the penguin hat... his grandma jen loves penguins. he wasn't as big a fan ;)

august 08

we got nick home from work for one more day. can i just say how amazing this guy is? everyone keeps commenting on how clean our house is... it's all because of this guy. he's done the dishes, the laundry, the vacuuming... everything! he's taken care of me and gray... i never stop being amazed by him.

we've been trying to go for a walk every evening (nick goes running every other night... i'm hoping soon i'll get to join him!). gray loves being tucked away against his dad.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

happy birthday

eventually i'll get around to a more official post, but i thought i'd post some photos from gray's big day :) everything went SO perfectly, aside from him having to leave us for the nicu. we never thought we'd have a nicu baby, but we're glad he's doing well and SO ready to bring him home tomorrow.

we spent four hours in the nicu tonight with him, and the time flew by. we just cuddled him while we talked, laughed at all the faces he makes, fed him, cheered him on when he burped without spitting up, gave him a sponge bath, changed diapers... and said lots of prayers that he'd get to come home with us tomorrow. things are looking good, and by the time we left he was hooked up to much less and sleeping soundly. i really hope i get to leave with my baby tomorrow. home doesn't feel right without him here.

it's been a crazy weekend. we spent today at a funeral and with family... lots of emotions on both ends of the spectrum. i'm so grateful my little boy is here to balance it all out. i'm so glad that all of our family is here to meet him and love on him. i'm so lucky to have such an incredible husband who is taking such good care of me and who absolutely adores our little boy (that will be another post entirely, watching him be a dad...).

and i am SO in love with our son. i knew i would love him, of course. but i love him so much more desperately than i knew i could. we spent so much time tonight just staring at him and drinking him all in, and it didn't feel like nearly enough. both of us hurt when we have to leave him, and love every second of being with him. in our eyes, he is so perfect. i don't think either of us knows how we were a family without him here.

anyway, enough of the sappy stuff ;) here are some photos we snapped. we really didn't take a lot, especially since we only had about three hours with him before he was whisked away. but be prepared for a plethora of photos that will start pouring in! :)

(i don't think these are in order, but here you go!)

he didn't cry once... until they took him away from his mom and started scrubbing him ;)

my amazing husband, who was SO great throughout the whole day. 

feeling a little better once he had a diaper on :) so alert... he was looking at everyone.

my sweet, sweet baby. i wanted to look at every single part of him.

a happy grandpa. gray looks like he's picking his nose or something, haha.

cute little uncle nick. nick & jake were not sure at all what to do with a tiny baby, but they loved staring at him and touching him.

feeling so happy to be done.. ha. 

grandma loving her baby.

a very concerned looking graysen. 

love, love, love this boy! wish us luck in bringing him home tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ode to a forgotten to do list

every morning while i'm at work, i'm pumped to go home and get stuff done. i've gotten an early start to the day, and i'm sitting at my desk getting a ton done. i know that when i leave around noon or one, i'm going to go home and kick butt on my to do list!

then something happens.

i start driving home. it's nice to be off work. the car is warm and relaxing. i listen to some music. i drive...

then i get home and eat some lunch. mmmm. suddenly i'm full. and a little drowsy. it's nice to be home. 

and i realize that nick won't be home for, like, two more hours. i really could just take a one hour nap and then do my butt kicking for one solid hours. that would be pretty impressive. nick would be proud.

yeah, that's what i'll do.

so i set my alarm, turn on the fan, kick off my shoes and take a nice little nap.

and then suddenly nick is calling, asking me how my day went, telling me he's on his way home. and i'm really happy. but i'm really ashamed. because what did i do? i slept for two freakin' hours. and nick tells me it's okay, because i'm making a baby. 

(which apparently makes EVERYTHING okay... being lazy, forgetting things, eating randomly in the middle of the night...)

(he's a good man, that nick. that's why i'm making a little boy. we need more nicks in the world.)

anyway, this has happened consecutively for the past week. and it is why my to do list has been sorely neglected and unloved. i'm a little ashamed, but apparently not enough to hide it from the blogging world.

ps- guess what i'm about to go do...?

pps- if you guessed take a nap, you were wrong! and so was i :) i cleaned instead.