Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Wow, it's been a loooong time since I posted! I need to update that, we have had so much going on!

One of which was an intense haircut. Keep in mind, the shortest my hair has ever been was to my shoulders. Once. When I was ten. And Brigham, the little boy down the street who I had a crush on, told me I looked uglier than a dead pig when I cut it. So, naturally, I had no inclination to cut it again.

In the photo below, taken on my birthday, you can see how long it had gotten. Kind of. It doesn't even look that long, but it was seriously halfway down my back. Even after they chopped 11 inches, it still came to my shoulders.. they just took off more after that.

Nice photo, right? We went to Red Butte Gardens the morning of my birthday.. it was gorgeous! And had a moose! I'll post more about it later :)

So, after much trepidation, I did it. (I know.. this is a crappy webcam photo. I may be a photographer, but I don't do photos of myself, haha. This will be remedied this weekend while we're in Zions!)

It looks MUCH better curly (my hair went so curly when it was cut, I love it), but she straightened it to make sure she hadn't missed any spots. It's growing on me (haha, because it's hair..) (.. okay just kidding..). There will definitely be more photos later, this is just to make all you obnoxious friends happy ;)

You're welcome.

Oh, and because I don't like photos of myself, let's end with a beautiful photograph that I took a few days ago! I don't get to post them anywhere more public, because she doesn't get married for a few weeks.. but this is probably my favorite photo I've ever taken :) Not to toot my own horn or anything... ahem...