Tuesday, July 2, 2013

payson grotto

I need to blog more... obviously. I am loving that it's summer. When we're not working or trying to catch up on sleep, we're outside. A lot. Which has been wonderful. In two weeks we're ditching Gray (anxiety attack...) and going to Zion National Park for the entire week. I'm a little nervous about leaving Gray, but I am SO excited to get away from everything and just go be outside all week. We're going to do some huge, awesome hikes and canyoneering. I'm thrilled!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some hikes we've done around here. We've been trying to explore new places and find fun trails. I'm trying to find somewhere cool to go hiking with Nick for his birthday in a couple of days. That's what we do on birthdays/anniversaries/any free time... we hike. Very romantic ;)

A couple of weeks ago we strolled "hiked" up to Payson Grotto with my brothers. This is a fun little spot, and not much of a hike at all. Super easy. It'll be nice to take Gray there when he's older. It's less than a mile, and has a fun, shallow pool of water with a beautiful waterfall. We did climb up a steep path that led above the waterfall. It probably went further, but we had to get back for dinner. We'll have to go back and explore it again, it's really pretty.

A couple of things to note, it is a VERY crowded trail, since it's such an easy walk. Probably best to go on a weekday.

Also, if you climb above the waterfall, be careful :) There are lots of loose rocks. Jake slipped at one point, and almost nailed some lady and her teeny dog with a rock. She was not pleased!

Gorgeous little spot, though :)

These boys are so funny... Jake LOVES being outside and exploring with us, while Nick is so "meh" about anything outdoors-related. At least he lets us "drag" him along!

On top of the falls.