Tuesday, March 9, 2010

plants and husbands

11 february 2010
Today was one of those days where you work all day and it feels like all day.. then all you want to do is come home and sleep. And then you realize.. shoot! Haven't taken my photo of the day! (okay technically I had taken photos, but they were of cars my work is selling.. no thanks!) We decided to attempt creativity with our good friend Ferb. He's put up with a lot.. he's a champion.. and obviously deserved a photo shoot.
12 february 2010

Okay I guess technically the 11th would have been our 8 month anniversary, but like I said.. one of those days. Nick has almost every Friday off, but mine are few and far between. So we decided to take this day off and be friends. We dropped the car off to get work done on it and walked a couple of blocks to the movie theater (saw "The Blind Side".. SO good), then went to Texas Roadhouse. Mmm! We couldn't finish our food, so it ended up being dinner, too, and we kicked back and hung out the rest of the night. Seriously, this guy is my best friend. I love holding hands, walking down the street, and laughing our heads off. Or talking about things that don't matter. Or just being together.

(I love that I made him a Converse boy... love, love, love.)

13 february 2010

Happy birthday, Mike (two days late!). I guess Mike is a Colts fan.. I'll bet the cake was on sale.. heh heh heh. Just kidding, Mike! It was a fun night of pizza, games, cake and friends. Perfect!

14 february 2010

We're not big Valentine's people. We usually get an "us" gift.. a cd we wanted, this year.. but we don't do the flowers and chocolates. So on Valentine's we smooched a lot, hit on each other, and made belgian waffles with Garn, Heidi, Dad & Lisa. And of course took photos of this perfect baby. I tell you, she's taking over my blog. Too cute...

15 february 2010

I know, I know.. I've already been cheesy for this post, but Nick's out of town again, so obviously I've got to end on a lovey-dovey note. If you begin to feel queasy, I won't be offended if you skip this part.
Nick rarely lets me take photos of him (without making faces.. even in this one you can see him "putting up" with having it taken).. you'd think he'd be used to it by now! But he is so amazing and I'm definitely missing the snot out of him right now (cute, huh? snot.. yuck!). Here are some things I miss...
- someone to sleep next to.. the pillows definitely aren't cutting it
- someone to humor my snide and oh-so-clever remarks.. I've been talking to myself a lot
- kissing him.. duh.
- having someone to cook for. i'm on a cereal and noodle diet this week.
- all the compliments.. my ego is practically withering away without him
- the door opening. i missed that the most today. my favorite thing is being at home, cooking or reading or whatever it is i'm doing... and hearing his key in the door. my heart skips a beat and i run to the stairs with my doofy smile and ask him how his day was. then he comes up the stairs and hugs me so tight i don't want to move. it's the same EVERY day and i love it. i'm excited to hear him open the door on thursday.
(was that cheesy or what?! thank you, thank you...)