Tuesday, January 29, 2013

24 january 2013

okay, last post for tonight! almost caught up!!

notice how i only take photos of the healthy foods i eat? good tactic, huh?

but really, green smoothies are delicious. this one had a banana, orange juice, frozen mango, frozen pineapple and two handfuls of spinach. you can't taste the spinach, but you look like you're being healthy. and it looks like you're drinking slime... win!

23 january 2013

22 january 2013

ignore the fact that gray is wearing the same onesie for the third day in a row. he did wear other things, and it did get washed. also ignore the fact that he doesn't match. i think nick does it on purpose now...

but, my goodness, isn't the intoxicated baby just adorable?

and, hey, look! a salad! we eat salads a lot. we're cool.

21 january 2013

"mom, sick babies don't smile. duh."

the beginning of rsv. oh, what a week! we also found out later he was cutting his two top teeth. poor kid!

20 january 2013

pokey is finally warming up to gray. gray's not so sure.

19 january 2013

so i have this best friend. her name is erin. she's amazing, and i love her, and she's my favorite erin. she also turned twenty-five (old lady! until may when i join her...). so we threw her a surprise party. and she was surprised... success! we had a waffle bar, a hot chocolate bar, colorful decorations, minute to win it games, a huge lovely cake & mario karts. fun was had by all!

(not gonna lie, we throw a good party! we're already planning our st. patrick day's party...)

(this looked cooler when it was all set up.. promise!)

happy birthday, beautiful girl! love you forever!!

18 january 2013

while we usually get smiles, we get the occasional stinkeye, too.

17 january 2013

one of gray's favorite things ever? "be our guest"... it delights him. we watch it all the time now :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

16 january 2013

this is probably as "naked" a baby photo as i'll ever post... am i the only one that finds it totally weird that people post baby butts all over facebook? i can see having a couple locked up for blackmail, but certainly not posted on the worldwide web...

but a cute, fat tummy is totally acceptable. 

and this... is not my most flattering portrait, but nick insisted. my eyes water so badly when i cut onions, and it lasts for like thirty minutes afterwards. so nick gave me these stupid looking goggles, and they work like a charm!

15 january 2013

sometimes we eat breakfast together... on the floor... in my bedroom, because it's warmer in there.

14 january 2013

13 january 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

12 january 2013

back in november, my brother jake turned 15. because we're so cool (or poor?), our present to him was a day with us. haha, it sounds really stupid, but it was fun. we told him we'd take him snowshoeing, out to lunch, to the temple, etc. because he's so popular, we only did half of it this time, but it was still a fun day. this kid is way too cool... i kinda like him!

(it's hard to use a self-timer in the snow :) nick did admirably!)

11 january 2013

fridays we have three sweet little girls over for a little bit. gray firmly believes these are his girlfriends. he looks at them and smiles and coos. they love both pokey and our huge projector screen... i think this time we were watching the rescuers.

also, gray's favorite toy? a wet baby washcloth. yeah, never buying this kid real toys.

10 january 2013

gray is not a fan of the camera. it was only a matter of time, right? eventually he'll be old enough to bribe. for now, i have to look through, focus the lens on him, hold it all perfectly still, move my head away and start talking to him. and all that effort only sometimes gets a smile :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

09 january 2013

my dad recently published his first national book with harper collins (he's published lds books & the far world series prior to this)... case file 13: zombie kid. to celebrate, they threw a launch party for him at the king's english bookstore in salt lake. he spoke to a gallery full of people and then did a book signing in the book store.

we decided to be his biggest fans and dress up like zombies :) even gray got in the spirit of things! although i don't know if he was a huge fan...

ps - here's an article (and another one!) about his newly published [first ever] lds horror novel. yeah, we're hardcore like that.

08 january 2013

nick was so unsure about being a dad. i was baby hungry for quite a while before he was. he wanted us to be in a house and on our own before he'd think about it. then, while i was pregnant, he was always concerned about being a parent. the closer gray got to getting here, the more anxious he got. he was excited, too, but nervous.

heavenly father obviously knew about nick's trepidation, because gray is totally smitten with his dad. he's even gotten to the point where he stops when he hears the garage door opens, and as soon as he hears nick's voice, he completely lights up. it's so much fun watching nick become a dad and fall even more in love with his little boy. he is the best dad.

my favorite boys.

07 january 2013

sometimes the most exciting thing about your day is lunch. we discovered costco's little guacamole snack packs, which pair perfectly with frozen chicken & black bean taquitos. yum!

06 january 2013