Thursday, September 30, 2010


Woah... two posts in one day? What va?!

It's ten-thirty... and Nick's been asleep since eight... poor guy!

I've been in bed, too... editing photos. While editing a wedding (allllmost done!) I came across this photograph. Just thought I'd share because it made me smile.

Hey Nick? How's about you quit your job, I quit school, and we just do photography together full-time. Eh? Eh?? Guess that means we need to start charging more, though...

PS- He's been sleep talking off and on too. The most recent was telling me that he dropped some expensive computer down the stairs. Haha, I like being married.

on my mind

These are things on my mind today.

(I didn't take any of the photographs.. except the maternity & temple ones. I was feeling lazy and found them online.. plus, I don't think I've ever taken a photograph of a fly or the first presidency...).

The temple.
It's amazing. It turned a kind off day into a wonderful day. I've never been by myself (ie without Nick). I just got back.. it was great. I feel worlds better!

Photography & Fall
I did realllly fun maternity shots yesterday of Caroline, with her husband Jordan. They are the sweetest couple. Aaaaand.. isn't that a cool pumpkin? It made me officially excited for fall. Offically

I felt kind of icky making this photograph "extra large".. but I've got to stay uniform. Okay, so it's weird that flies are on my mind, but it's because I can hear them. For some reason, during the summer and beginning of fall.. when it's still really warm outside.. we have flies tap on our windows. Weird, huh? I don't know how to explain it. It's at the top of our window, right next to the overhang of the roof... and it's like they're drunk or something.. they buzz around and randomly hit the window.. over and over. I don't understand. But there you have it.

General Conference!
Ahhh.. much better photograph. I love these guys. I went to Women's Conference on Saturday w/ Lisa and Katie (it was really fun.. even the Blue Lemon.. ahem.. :)). Anyway, I loved the talks and it got me reallllly excited for conference. Just a few days away! I'm sooo excited!

Anyway, that's about it. Time to go clean up a little bit. I'm looking forward to tonight, because I get to hang out with my super cool best friend. Leftovers, pajamas, reading.. we're not terribly exciting, but it's my favorite part of the week. Oh, and homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream... yeah, it's gonna be good.

So long!

Friday, September 24, 2010

my husband is a superhero

Warning: This post is going to be mushy. You may leave now if you so desire.

My husband is a superhero. Really. He is.

Nick worked over 10 hours every day this week. He gets up at 5 a.m. every morning and leaves to work in a crummy, construction environment with guys who swear 24/7 and tell gross jokes. He spends hours on ladders, in crawl spaces and running wires all over.

After he's done working all day, he goes to night classes. He's taking really challenging classes and learning a ton. He spends Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons in class.

Then he comes home. By this time you'd think he'd collapse and take a well-deserved break. You'd be wrong. He comes home, takes a quick shower, and then gets to work. He helps with dishes. He helps with dinner. He does laundry. He vacuums. He does whatever work he can find to do.

THEN.. when dinner is over, when everything is cleaned up, when there's nothing left for him to do (or when his wife is begging him to go to bed), he finally consents and climbs into bed, reads scriptures and prays with his wife, and then sleeps.

Even on weekends, ones when he doesn't have to work, he's doing projects around the house, helping friends, helping his parents, doing a side job.. anything.

Tonight, he did dishes, wiped down the kitchen, got dinner ready and made us smoothies (makes me sound really lazy, huh?). After dinner, a movie came on TV he really has been wanting to watch. But he kept cleaning. So I took everything away from him, pushed him onto the couch, snugged him in a blanket, and gave him a cookie and a kiss.

Basically, I love him, and he is amazing. He works harder than anyone I know. So I felt the need to brag about him :) Ta da!

My husband is a superhero.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

life as of late

I know, I know.. I have a lot of photographs of this baby on my blog. But I don't have a baby, so I have to take photos of other people's. But she's cute. At least I'm not posting ugly baby photos.

I never feel like I have good blog titles. Nothing exciting really happens, so it's usually just a boring update. But if I put "boring" in the title.. well, then I'm doomed. But anyway.. sorry.

Like I said, not much is new here...

Nick is working like a crazy man. He's sick and tired all the time, but for those of you who know him, will never admit it. He's working tons of over time, which is nice, and then going to classes at night. Sometimes we get to hang out. I like that part. Mostly he just comes home to be fed and go to sleep. I make him study sometimes.

I had an interview today at Wells Fargo (there was the phone interview, then the group one, and then the one I just did, which is when you get called by a specific branch). This branch is down in Springville, which is further north than I signed up for.. but it's a job.. so whatcha gonna do? Well, hopefully it's a job. We'll hear back from them within a week. Ahhh.. I really really really want a job... really.

Photography is still good. I generally have at least two shoots a week. So it keeps me busy, but not over-my-head busy. We just booked another wedding for November today, in Manti, so I'm excited about that. And we have a seeeeecret project going on, which will fill up the rest of our non-existent free time.

What else is there in our lives? Food. We've been eating more vegetarian dishes and lots more fruit (thanks Mom & Dad Thurman). Vegetable stir fry and zucchini parmesan are two of my faves. Tonight we're having Cafe Rio salad.. but homemade. Best part? As much dressing as you want... yummm...

And that's about it... Work. School. Photography. Food. Occasionally friends. Mostly each other. It's good! Thanks for reading my boring updates! I will work on making our life more exciting :)

PS- See? Other people's babies. Well, technically Isaac is a "big boy", but still. We did a photo shoot last week and gave each of the boys a sunflower. Squeaks promptly threw his on the ground and start mashing it with his foot. Maybe you just had to be there, but this photo makes me smile every time I look at it. Boys do not play with flowers.

Monday, September 13, 2010

busy weekend

We had a fun weekend. My cousin, Richard (who is about two weeks younger than me), married a wonderful girl named Kayla on Friday. Nick & I were lucky enough to get to attend their sealing AND photograph the day's events. It was a lot of fun to spend time with family and share in their happiness. Congratulations, Richard & Kayla!

More photos will be coming soon, on the photo blog.. feel free to check them out. Another wedding this weekend and then we get a little break, which will no doubt consist of camping :) Have a great week!

PS- I passed my group interview at Wells Fargo. IF I get the job, I should hear back from someone within a week. Wish me luck! I reallllly need a job!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

labor day weekend

Our next few weeks are just crazy busy.. all sorts of photoshoots, family events, all that jazz. So we decided to run away for a couple of days. Last Friday, we drove down to St. George and saw Tarzan at the Tuachan. Luckily, we're not cultured, so we loved it :) Then we went to our super nice hotel in Mesquite and slept.. and slept.. and slept.. We never get to sleep, so it was niiiice.

Saturday we slept in (haha) and then went out to breakfast. We went to a movie theater and saw Inception (soooo good!) and then went to St. George to kill time before dinner. After some major wandering, we ended up at Brigham Young's house and the Temple Visitor Center. We spent about three hours at both those places and it was great. We learned a ton about the church and had fun chatting with the missionaries. Then we went to dinner at Osaka.. sushi and shrimp/vegetable tempura.. yum!! Then swam, slept, and drove home in the morning. I should have taken more photos, but we needed a break :)

Sunday we went on a nice walk/drive up the Alpine Loop with Mom, Dad & Lisa. It was really pretty, and absolutely perfect weather. Plus, we got to watch THE "Nanny" take Nick down.. she's a karate master, so he obviously didn't stand a chance...

Monday, Labor Day, was Lisa's birthday. So after an arduous day of taking down trees (Nick) and cleaning the apartment (me.. hey, it was that bad, okay??) we grabbed the Penrods, Lisa and a couple of her friends, and headed back up the canyon. We roasted hotdogs, made Lisa laugh with an ingenius card, roasted marshmallows, sang "Happy Birthday".. and watched Maya play in the dirt :)

Good weekend :)