Saturday, September 15, 2012


remember my last post, when i said i couldn't believe my baby was one week old? well now he's six weeks old! will the madness never end?!

i told nick the other day that i was a little sad at how big he's getting and how quickly it's all going by. he said it must be a girl thing, because he's thrilled that gray is getting bigger... he's ready for gray to be walking and talking ;)

it's crazy to me how quickly time has gone and how much of a personality he's developing. he's gotten to the point now where he focuses in on everything and really seems to see us, which is fun. today when i came home from a shoot and went over to him, i got huge smiles. i love it!

he's almost always sleeping through the night now... last night we got seven hours, bless his little heart! a couple days a week he'll wake up, but only once or twice. we're spoiled, i know. a week or two ago, we all got sick. i got strep and the boys, luckily, just got a cold. it was a miserable few days, but we're all doing better now.

here is a slew of photos from august. sorry most of them are cell phone photos. i'm trying to get better at taking real photos (you know, since i do that for a living...), but sometimes it's so much easier to whip out my cell phone.

the board at work where we all guessed when i'd have gray. i won! :)

right before we left to the hospital, around 4:30 a.m. my last pregnant photo! yay!

after i got the epidural, nick relaxed enough to take a nap ;)

gray with his first visitor, auntie erin :) love this girl!

he was so little!

our swaddled little taco baby.

my two sleeping boys.

he likes to pretend he's superman when he sleeps. man, he takes up so much more of that bassinet now.

we left gray with his nanny for a few hours and went on a date up to midway :) in our toe shoes.

gray sporting some raiders apparel for grandpa :) this was on a teddy bear before we stuck it on him.

nick and our favorite riley :)

back when gray had hair :) now he's balded completely on top, but still has it on the sides and back. our handsome little old man...

baby yawns!

gray with his cousin anna :)

lukey and anna after we went for a bike ride. love these two :) we're over at their house more than almost anyone elses's.

haha, we're mean parents. my cousin gave us this baby snow suit and we thought it'd be fun to see how it fit on gray. not very well :) yet.

and i'm mean because i take photos of his weird faces ;)

erin experimenting with a crawfish at ikea. what a brave lady...

grandpa likes to experiment with his grandson. like letting him suck on a pickle...

finally got rid of the beast! so long, beast! it was fun!

haha, you'll see a lot of this little monkey in future photos. his name is douglas. the first time we showed him to gray, nick startled him and it totally freaked him out. somehow that translated to douglas being gray's arch nemesis. so douglas likes to make random appearances, and gray usually looks concerned like this...

super baby!

back to shooting weddings three weeks after gray was born. yay!

our drinks of choice :)

sleeping boys :) pokey likes to attention whenever he feels we're paying too much attention to gray.

gray & cousin sam.

thanks for bearing through all those photos! i'll have another photo dump for september later :)