Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 february 2013

tonight we got to enjoy a thurman waffle night... or according to isaac, a "peach party" (in a low, seductive whisper, of course). we gorged ourselves on good food, watched oscars, showed off muscles, did taxes (thanks rob!), painted zekie's nails ;), and all sorts of exciting things! gray ended the night with chomping lisa... only the very best aunties sacrifice themselves to be eaten!

(later, when isaac took of his "muscle suit", i asked him what happened to all his muscles. without missing a beat, he flexed his arms and said, "I've still got these babes".. ha! love him!)

23 february 2013

saturday we got tremendous amounts of snow, so we mostly just had a snow day and spent time being lazy, which does not happen often enough. then we ventured out to the uvu home and garden expo (meh) with lisa, ran a couple of errands and went out for mexican food at la costa (so good!). then we went home and continued our laziness. gray, on the other hand, has been working hard all weekend and now has tooth number seven poking it's way through. he's quite determined to be eating steak soon, evidently. some day we'll get a photo of all his chompers.

22 february 2013

(i have been doing this photo a day for 3 months now... maybe there is some hope for me!)

every friday i watch these three precious girls. they are seriously angels... we watch tinkerbell movies, eat cheez-it's, and see how many starbursts we can eat (i'm sure their mom appreciates that, haha). i also can't help but snap photos of their cuteness. audrey is not even remotely a fan of the camera. rose isn't so sure, but has beautiful blue eyes. and gwen is my little diva who loves having her photo taken. love these girls!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

21 february 2013

i got about four hours of sleep last night (up late working), so when nick got home from work he took gray out to the grocery store so that i could sleep for half an hour. before he left, he asked me if i needed anything. i told him chocolate :) this is what he came back with. haha! i think we made it through about a quarter of it...

20 february 2013

sometimes it's tough to be a baby. especially when you're cutting teeth numbers 6 & 7! 

19 february 2013

... and this is why my son is almost never wearing socks. unless he can't reach them. forget the toy i gave him (conveniently tucked away under his arm). who has time for toys when you can eat your socks?!

18 february 2013

i hate feet. hate them! but baby feet are precious and perfect. and wiggly. love them.

17 february 2013

sundays are my favorite days of the week... especially now that we have 9 o'clock church. coming home, playing with a baby, and then all of us taking a two hour nap = perfection. it's like he knows. he never naps the rest of the week, but church just wears a baby out.

16 february 2013

we found a new arrangement that allows me to spend more than thirty seconds getting ready in the morning. luckily, i have a vain baby, so it works out very nicely!

i actually took much cooler photos, but they're all on my phone, and i can't get my phone to link up with my laptop right now... but we ate at a waffle truck and then went hiking (snow was too packed to bother with the snowshoes!)... it was a glorious date :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

15 february 2013

friday was one of those days where you have big plans, and then they all kind of just... fail. and unfortunately i'm one of those people who gets really bummed when their plans fall through. but nick had to work (instead of getting off early), my car had gotten a flat on the freeway the day before, and gray and i were just kind of stranded for the day.

luckily, he's kind of cute. so we read good books, chewed on some toys (he did the chewing) and kicked back.

then nick came home & saved the day by ditching the baby, going out to dinner, getting ice cream, and coming home to watch a movie and snuggle on the couch :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 february 2013

nick & i are not big valentines people, but you can't help think about it throughout the day as people are declaring their love and handing out sugar for breakfast at work :) we are not super mushy people, but we are totally in love.

the kind of love where you take care of each other.
the kind of love where you take turns doing the annoying chores like folding the socks.
the kind of love where i wear his shirts because they're more comfy.
the kind of love where, even when we're in bed early, we never go to sleep early because we're talking and laughing and playing games and being best friends.
the kind of love where all the guys at work tease him for calling me every day at lunch. (but in reality they're just jealous because we're AWESOME!)
the kind of love where you just want to hang out and do nothing at all, but just be together, and sometimes talk, and sometimes just be.

and then there's a whole new kind of love this year...

the kind of love that compels you to use a weird voice in public and make silly faces and not care who's looking.
the kind of love where you can't wait to hear them talking in the morning so you can go get them and play.
the kind of love for which you memorize the entire dr. seuss's abc's book because every time you start quoting it he is mesmerized. 
the kind of love that makes you smile, even when you've gotten no sleep, because he's just so cute when he buries his face into you.
the kind of love that makes your heart melt in a whole new way.

hope that was mushy enough ;) happy valentine's day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13 february 2013

yay! finally caught up! now i can bug everyone with one post a day, rather than five. if i stay caught up, that is.

love, love, love this bug. he is getting to be so much fun and develop such a personality. i'm excited for the day i don't have to go to work anymore and can just play with this guy ALL the time. :)

12 february 2013

finally took my camera out of the house with me :)

we started the morning off by going up to bountiful to see my cousin's new house (which they've done a really great job so far at fixing up!). we went with the illusion of the four of us doing some sewing, but just ended up talking the whole time and letting our kids play and make each other cry ;) it was much more fun than sewing!

this is the face gray makes at me when i pull out the camera... charming, no?

then i went down to daybreak where my dad was doing a school presentation and took my brother (nick) around to take photos for a class. which, naturally, ended with cupcakes and hot chocolate!

(nick took the above photo of some statue)

11 february 2013

monday = errands. errands = sleeping in the car.

10 february 2013

while i was in the kitchen, i saw nick cracking up while he was feeding gray. apparently this is the face we make when we are DONE with peas.

we found it very similar to "grumpy cat"...

i like this baby.

09 february 2013

i really need to be better at bringing my camera with me when we're out and about. the weekend was full of all sorts of exciting things... ikea & lunch with erin, a birthday party for emmy with all the cousins, finding satchel a new home, going out to dinner with the family. and what do i have photos of? gray hanging on to his toys for dear life & nick's new hair cut. i promise, we do get out of the house :)

but nice hair, right? i'm getting better at this whole "trimming" thing. a lot less saying "oops!", which i think nick appreciates.

08 february 2013

although gray has been really good at his 8 or 8:30 bedtime, he still will fight to keep playing with his toys :)

07 february 2013

it's hard to catch a photo of him in his bouncer without it being blurry... he's all over the place now. he's finally figured out all the different toys on his bouncer and that he can turn around to play with the different ones. it's like a whole new toy now :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

06 february 2013

pokey is not a fan of the dog. at all. whenever he is downstairs, he's "hiding" somewhere, ready for his quick escape.

05 february 2013

nick may hate having a dog at our house, but gray is his mommy's boy in this regard. he spent almost two hours staring at and talking to scout through the back sliding glass door (ignore how dirty said door is... two excited, muddy dogs). when i finally pulled him out of his jumper, he was ticked. gray and scout are bff's. (gray is also the only one scout will lick... much to nick's dismay, haha).

Sunday, February 10, 2013

04 february 2013

the two random dogs i took in... what an adventure! we found a home for one of them... now we just have to find a home for the brown one (scout). want a dog? ;)

03 february 2013

sometimes snow is pretty. when you don't have to drive in it :)

02 february 2013

we threw a surprise birthday party (two days late) for my dad's fiftieth birthday... old man! it was just family... we had a baked potato and chili bar, lots of cake, and just sat around talking. it was lots of fun :) and lots of cute babies, since that's mostly all i took photos of.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

01 february 2013

creepy morning fog....

this was the day i randomly picked up two dogs, to save, so it was kind of crazy. that was the best i got :)

31 january 2013

sometimes you just have to sleep like a superhero. 

30 january 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

29 january 2013

my wonderful friend, heidi, brought me over super colorful flowers. they were especially pleasant with all this cold, cold snow :)

28 january 2013

gray LOVES to jump while we fold laundry. he also will just stare at the dryer while it spins and spins and spins. we're hard up for entertainment around here.

by the way, i love his sticking out ears :) they're my favorite!