Thursday, December 29, 2011

week nine

here are some fun updates that i'm sure you're all dying to know :)

- i am SICK! actually, i haven't thrown up in over 24 hours, so that's kind of a big deal :) the day after christmas was the worst (but props to the baby for waiting until after christmas!). i was in bed ALL day... any time i stood up, i puked. the worst! then tuesday nick left for st. george, so i had to toughen up and be a grown up :) so far, so good. just occasional puking... sorry for the gross vernacular.

- i'm finally feeling more awake... i'm sure it won't always be this way, but it's been so nice to actually contribute to the cleanliness of our home. i'm still not stable enough to cook (SO lame!), but i did dishes today and just tidied in general. 

- i have THE best husband. i already knew he was the best, but he has taken incredible care of me. sometimes i think he's taking better care of this baby than i am :) i haven't had to ask him for anything once, he just always knows and is there. he's cleaned, unpacked, cooked, run errands, cleaned some more, rubbed my back while i leaned over the toilet, haha... he's seriously incredible.

- and this is (hopefully!) his last week in st george! i miss having my husband here :)

- i've been a little moody lately. i do NOT like to cry, even when i'm by myself... i think it's so embarrassing. for a few days, though, everything made me cry... fortune cookies, commercials, nothing. :) that's pretty much gone now, and has turned into intense road rage.. ha! nick likes talking on the phone to me while i drive home from work, because apparently i just hate every driver in the whole world, and i say mean things tot hem. if we have an angry child, it's totally my fault!

- i still don't look pregnant, but i'm kind of excited to... i feel silly always having my hand on my stomach when there's nothing visibly there :) luckily my clothes still fit perfectly, though for some reason at night my jeans get tight.

- i haven't had any cravings yet... i just eat whatever doesn't make me want to barf :) and mostly it's been really bland, boring foods. it's sad when the first thing you think as you bite into something is, "how will this taste when i throw it up?" sorry, i know that's disgusting, but it's the truth. if you ever need a list of good things to throw up, i've definitely got one :)

- oh, and please... no one tell me how long your nausea lasted! all i've been hearing all week is, "just wait, it's going to last at LEAST another month!" or, "my wife was sick her entire pregnancy!" ummm... thanks? that's like having the common cold and someone saying, "my cousin died of the common cold" or "my cold lasted three years." lame.

- i've been going back and reading good friends' blogs from when they were pregnant... it's fun to hear other people's takes on their own pregnancy :) so i may have been stalking your blog lately! creeeeepy...

ummm... i think that's it! sorry for being incredibly anti-social lately! i have blown off everyone and everything because i've just felt awful all week. i'm slowly becoming a normal human being again, though. maybe it's the joy of having a four-day weekend! and a husband tomorrow :) and the video games live concert! nerdiness! yayyyy!

so long, and props to you if you read this! i will try to post more exciting things & photos next time!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the blob

earlier this week i was feeling pretty impressed by myself. eight weeks pregnant & i hadn't thrown up once. silly, silly erica... luckily we have a very clean toilet and a nice fluffy rug that i spend a lot of quality time with.

other than living off of water and saltines (from ireland, nontheless... yum!), life is swell. we're slowly unpacking boxes, we're both working, and it still seems weird that christmas is in THREE days! we don't even have a christmas tree... not to worry, though, i'm going to make my own version later today!

we went in on tuesday for our first appointment, complete with ultrasound. i know this is silly, but on the drive over i kept thinking, "oh man, what if i'm really not pregnant? i mean, i peed on a stick, and i feel pretty nauseous, but still...". i was actually genuinely concerned, as dumb as that seems. i mean, how would you tell people? "remember how i told you i was pregnant?  yup, just kidding!!! ha ha ha... good one, huh?" d'oh!

so when they did the ultrasound, the whole time i was thinking "please find something, please find something"... and there it was! i remember seeing other people's ultrasound photos and thinking, "whatever, it's just a weird little blob. i could spill some juice and make a cooler looking blob that that..."

i was wrong!! i have the cutest tiny blob ever and i love it! that, along with the super quick heartbeat was enough to relieve my irrational fears and bring a little bit of happiness to my otherwise unhappy stomach :)

so here you go... meet, our blob!

(the photo was taken by my phone in a moving car, so it's not the most flattering photo... poor little guy)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

we're really, really good looking...

... so we made another us!

we did, it's true! you can see the miniature really, really good looking us who will make his/her debut at the end of july :) yay!!

and on a slightly related note.. want to go see how really, really good looking we are?!? i thought so. my friend amber took photos of us a couple of months ago. who are we kidding, i married a total babe!

thank you, amber! and we love you all lots

Thursday, December 1, 2011

finishing up the thankful

oops! i just realized i never finished my thankful-ness and it's already december! d'oh! i promise, after this we will get to some major photo posts... none of this boring talking stuff! i just feel obligated...

19. i'm thankful for post-it notes. really, look...

20. i'm thankful for good food. really really thankful. food is delicious. and if it's not, it should be.

21. i'm thankful for awesome in-laws, who put up with me, include me, and do a good job of pretending to like me ;) i have awesome sisters, parents and the world's cutest nieces and nephews!

22. i'm thankful for these two. all the time.

heh heh...

23. i'm thankful for our jobs. all three of them. even if they mean we never get to see each other.

24. i'm thankful for MY family! (this isn't edited yet, but it's still hilarious... we're not very good at family photos). we're weird, and funny, and very very good looking.

25. i'm thankful for tums, sprite, jell-o and disney movies. nick and i spent a lot of last week being sick, and it would have been less enjoyable without those things.

26. i'm thankful for the tv show once upon a time. i've never followed a tv series, but i love this one :) and i'm thankful for big bang theory, because it makes me laugh all the time. 

27. i'm thankful for my amazing friends. i have a small handful of best friends who i know would stop whatever they were doing to help us or do something for us. that's not very common, and i'm so grateful to have that in my life.

28. i'm thankful for service. i love being able to NOT think about myself sometimes, since i think about myself so often ;) i'm thankful for the ability to sometimes make people smile.

29. i'm thankful for an almost-house, that i love.

30. i think i already said i'm thankful for nick, but i'm thankful for him again. i'm thankful that, after working 18 hours monday, from noon to 2 a.m. on tuesday, and then driving to st george yesterday and working until 4 a.m., i haven't heard a word of complaint from him. i'm thankful that he does so much for me, and still wants to do more. i'm thankful that he laughs at my jokes, plays zelda with me, reads harry potter with me, takes photographs with me, and holds my hand. 

ta da! sappiness over :) i'll post more photos and stuff later this week. hope you all had a great thanksgiving and are staying put in these crazy wind storms!