Friday, October 26, 2012

"we're pretty damn funny"

my brother scott has a blog in which he writes about good friends of his. he definitely got his writing talents from my dad.. something that i missed out on. i hadn't ever read his blog, until tonight. one of the posts was about my grandma, who passed away almost two months ago. the post itself was wonderful, and very sweet. but one part of it totally cracked me up. it was worded perfectly.. i love it, scotty :)

My dad's side of the family is pretty intense. We're loud, but not rowdy, or rambunctious, we are just loud. We talk loud. We laugh loud. We have differing political views. We're all incredibly good looking. We love good food, and company. We come across a little too strong some times, but we're super loving. We debate, but never hate. We're together all the time. We make jokes about everything. We tell all the stories to everyone. Not in a gossipy way. Just because we're pretty damn funny. It's just what we do. Some people don't have the luxury of having close relationships on a personal level with ALL their aunts, uncles and cousins. I do. I could walk in the front door of any of their houses and start drinking the milk out of their fridge and it wouldn't seem out of the ordinary. I love my family. If you think I have good friends, you wouldn't BELIEVE how great my family is. Quirky. Easy to please. Smart people. Loving. Savage. That's us.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


i'll eventually get caught up on blogging :) here is september, in photos. (a lot of these are cell phone photos, so not the greatest quality!)

daddy & gray taking a nap.

labor day get together at my parents house. love these people!

okay, this looks really creepy, i know. but she's smiling :) really. this is what happens when you say, "where's your pretty smile?"

garn's birthday... the candles look like they're taking over his cake ;) old man!

homemade oreos.

before gray was sleeping through the night... we slept wherever we could get it!

this is honestly one of my favorite photos. he has this little sock monkey that we call douglas, and it used to really freak him out. he hadn't seen douglas yet in this photo, he was just screaming at me, but it's still funny :)

my arm after airsoft.

love that he sleeps like superman.

fell asleep holding onto his toy :)

this next slew of photos is from the steve & liz's house. we honestly spend more time at their house than anyone else's (besides our own). they watch gray every thursday (because liz is AMAZING) while i work, so we babysat for them one day and took a million photos. i'm in love with these kids.

Monday, October 1, 2012

moms are superheroes

i'm pretty sure that as soon as you become a mom, you also become a superhero... although not all parts of being a mom are superhero-like.

you suddenly find you can do anything one-handed.

it's amazing how much can be accomplished during a fifteen minute baby nap.

you find you spend far too much time talking about, thinking about and spending time with poop.

you sway back and forth, regardless of whether or not you have a baby in your arms.

even when your kid resembles satan in a diaper, you still love him beyond all reason.

your arms become super strong from hauling a baby everywhere.

doing the dishes or a load of laundry, alone, makes you feel like a superhero.

you develop the innate ability to talk in that obnoxious, high-pitched, baby-talk voice that you swore you would never use. it just comes out like word vomit...

just a few thoughts on being a mom :)

love my not-so-little two month old.