Friday, November 18, 2011

thankful 18

18. photoshop. fo' sho'.



Thursday, November 17, 2011

thankful 9-17

9. i'm thankful nick's home :)

10. i'm thankful for a husband who cooks me dinner sometimes!

11. socks.

12. i'm thankful for laughter. especially at myself. and at nick :)

13. i'm thankful for photography... that i'm able to do something i have such a passion for.

14. flowers.

15. i'm thankful for giant lollipops at walgreens (for photoshoots).

16. i'm thankful for the big bang theory!

17. i'm thankful for caffeine :) more thankful than i should be...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

thankful 1-8

i've decided to jump on the bandwagon (or maybe i'm just bored) and write down what i'm thankful for every day this month. that's what thanksgiving's about, right? i keep getting chastised for wanting to celebrate christmas, so i'm doing my best to remain in the "thanksgiving spirit" :)

here's my list thus far!

1. i'm thankful for cell phones (you thought i was going to say something sweet like "my husband", huh?). anyone who knows me knows that i HATE to talk on the phone. to almost everyone. it's nothing personal, i just don't like it. however, with nick out of town every week, i'm on my cell phone 24/7 and i'm glad we have them :)

2. i'm thankful for my planner. it's where my brain is. i don't know what would happen if i ever lost it... something bad.

3. i'm thankful for good people. is it just me, or do rotten people that cross your path just make you that much more grateful for the good ones? even little things like a rude comment. i'm so grateful that there are so many good and kind people, a midst the sucky ones.

4. i'm thankful for my glasses. i'm on the computer for eight hours at work, and then i come home and edit. they've saved me from many a migraine and i love them dearly :) hopefully they're maintaining my 20/20 vision.

5. i'm thankful for a good husband (yup, there it is) who does amazing things for me on a consistent basis, and on top of it all, works his butt off to provide for our family. he never complains or gripes about what he has to do, he just gets it done and then comes home and does more. i want to be more like nick when i grow up :)

6. i'm thankful for mexican food. only because i'm meeting some friends in a little bit to eat it and it sounds REALLY good. it's true.

7. i'm thankful for the people i work with. most of them ;) they make my days at work so much more fun. especially julie, who keeps me sane. i work with great people!

8. i'm thankful for the ability to be thankful. that sounds cheesy. but i know that i could find things to complain about... and i sometimes do. i'm thankful for the ability to not dwell on those things, but to remember what i do have and may someday have. i don't think everyone can do that, and i'm glad i can.