Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the best two years

okay, time for a more happy post... :)

june eleventh

we were "warned" so much about marriage before we got married.. even after. we still haven't figured out why. we're hooked!

we wanted to spend the day together. no chores. no errands. no friends or family. just us :)

the day started by sleeping in.. something we rarely get to do, so that was happy. nick made us breakfast while i packed our lunches and camelbaks. then we left to go hike in big cottonwood canyon. little did we know we'd be hiking.. in snow.

we got realllly lost, but it was so much fun!

yeah, we found handcuffs. we're probably diseased now.. so it goes.

we like to take photos of ourselves.. we're kind of vain.

okay, we're totally vain. whatever.

snow snow snow... we're not sure if we ever found donut falls or not.

the snow was SO deep. we fell knee deep over and over.

so happy to be out of the snow :)

it was a really fun day. we went out to five guys (drool), went and played, lounged about. just being together.. totally perfect!

vent vent vent

i am angry at...

the hawaii criminal justice data center.
a woman who works there named gail.
nick's work asking him to work from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.
our car and it's not-working-ness.

.. i think that's it. just wanted to vent. thank you for listening :)

i'm loving...

nick. the real nick. not the hawaiin felon nick, haha.
my job.
having a girl's night tomorrow.
working out in the morning. i feel like i'm killing myself, but it feels so good.
food network, to watch while i'm cleaning.
our senses of humor.
our really comfy bed, even if we only get to be in it for a few precious hours every night.

okay, thank you for handing my negativity with me :) it's much more mild than it was an hour ago. and it will be gone once my apartment is clean and my husband is home. 

i love you all. really really.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

fish, cookies & gnomes

june fifth

another sunday at the savage household. sunday dinner is always the best.. mostly because i don't have to cook it :) and because i get to see that weird awesome brother...

june sixth

erin comes over on mondays and we watch the bachelorette (my small amount of girliness ever week!). during our show, the penrods showed up to tell me i got the job (yay!) and make me a celebratory cake! thanks garn and heidi :)

i had already made cupcakes, though, so it was a very sugar-induced evening. (by the way, LOVING the job so far! a little tough going back to a nine to five job, but i'm so glad i got it!)

june seventh

more sugar? yes please! my biggest weakness (yes, my biggest.. otherwise, i'm perfect..) is baking cookies. they always melt. so i went to my aunt and uncle's house (they're old), so andrew could teach me how to bake cookies. turns out i'm doing it all right, my oven was just fifty degrees too hot (on convect bake). ta da!

that night, erin & i went to take photos of the hulets and then headed to a boutique, while nick worked hard with the parade committee on the parade float. coming along pretty nicely, eh?

june eighth

as this was my last "free" weekday, i went with mom, nicholas & his friend carter to the aquarium. nick had never touched a manta ray (must be a nick thing.. the husband nick hates touching sea creatures, too). so we decided it was time to make him a man. (you can't see him touching it in the photo, but he claims he did!).

june ninth

started my job. i really do love it so far. it's a job at a life insurance company, so i'm learning a lot (ryan, my boss, gave me some reading to do and some training meetings to attend). but i love it! i work with really fun people, in a small environment (which i love), and i'm constantly busy, which i also love! it's a little weird getting used to working nine to five again. i forgot how nice it was to have all that free time to edit and.. have a life :) but money will be nice, and i feel so much more structured and productive now!

aaaaand.. the photo was of a gnome. kind of like work :) nick loves gnomes, so mom and dad gave him one. i came home from work to find him in the pot!

june tenth

friday is penrod night. none of us felt like cooking, so it was also a costco pizza night :) ta da! laziness = pizza = happiness.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

food and weddings

may thirtieth

memorial day. we got a lot accomplished.. spent the first half of the day running errands and getting nick work boots that won't kill his feet.. yay! then nick cleaned out the garage so we could fit a parade float in there.. we're on the committee this year. lesson learned: when people get a church calling you don't envy, don't be too glad it's not you.. you'll get called to it a week later ;)

that night we had shrimp tacos with homemade salsa and cafe rio style dressing.. delish! i also tried out strawberry brazillian lemonade. and i got to use my cool new.. salad.. dressing.. glass thing? what would you call that?

may thirty-first

i think 99% of my photos on this blog are food-related. i'm surprisingly okay with that.

nick and i went to park city for a one-night getaway (thanks mom & dad thurman!). hot tub, ben and jerry's, a movie, and harry potter four. it was good :)

june first

oh man, some kind of cleaning bug got into me. maybe it was that we got to sleep in 'til eight. but i cleaned. and cleaned. and cleaned. to disney music, of course :)

june second

it was a caffeine day. sometimes i get these killer headaches behind my eyes. not often, but when i do, only caffeine will get rid of it.

i did have a job interview, though, for the coolest job ever... cross your fingers!

june third

i got to babysit maya while heidi worked on making cards. mickey mouse clubhouse is her favorite show, so by the end of the day i always have the "hot dog" song stuck in my head. for some reason she was not only fascinated by my vase of corks, but obsessed with putting as many down her shirt as she could and then dumping them on the floor and laughing hysterically. life's little pleasures...

i also made a run to an antique store to gather up stuff for a stylized shoot i have coming up this month. it's been taking up a lot of my time, so i'm really excited for it :)

june fourth

we spent all day shooting a wedding. literally all day. we left our house at seven thirty a.m., came home in the middle of the day for about fifteen minutes, and got home around nine thirty. it was seriously the best wedding ever, though. we met so many amazing people and had so much fun :) it's nice to be around such good people!

this was my precious little buddy jacob. he was such a poser.. i loved it! he made me smile all day.

and this was the gorgeous couple.. look how happy they are! they were like this all day, it was wonderful. we did their engagements (my favorite), bridals (coming soon, but you saw a sneak peek in my last blog post) and their wedding will be posted as soon as i can :)