Tuesday, December 18, 2012

13 december 2012

thursday night we went to the mormon tabernacle christmas concert to cheer for nick's mom & drool over alfie boe. okay, maybe that was just me. but we definitely both cried. it was an incredible concert!

12 december 2012

i am in love with this boy.

11 december 2012

tuesday i pulled out my markers and decorated a sunshine box for a super special girl :) i miss coloring sometimes!

10 december 2012

09 december 2012

we tried putting gray in his sleep sack (aka dress) on sunday morning. he spent almost an hour trying to find his missing feet :)

08 december 2012

since nick cut down (with help) and set up (with help) our crazy 12 foot christmas tree, he decided i should decorate it (without help). i spent an hour on a huge ladder trying to get lights around the stupid thing and muttering a few choice words under my breath...

luckily, erin came and helped me hang ornaments after that, bless her heart! we've never had a tree topper (we're really picky), so we've used angel moroni for the past few years. somehow, last year, we lost his horn. so, as you can see, nick rolled up a tithing slip for his horn and we stuck him up there.

several days later, nick and i were sitting on the couch when poor moroni fell & broke his arm. maybe that was god telling us that moroni is not an appropriate tree topper... 

07 december 2012

friday night was our ward christmas party. i cooked two hams, a pot of mashed potatoes, and the most delicious brownies ever! our bishop and his wife sang a bunch of christmas carols using the names of all the families in the ward. it was great!

nick made fun of me for dressing gray in suspenders, but he was stylin' and got lots of compliments :) the drool was especially stylish! i told nick i don't get to pick his clothes for too long, so i'm going to take advantage of it while i can.

nick's much better at getting gray to smile... such a daddy's boy!

06 december 2012

every thursday i have to go drop my baby off early in the morning and head to work. luckily he's a delightful morning baby :) no clue where he got that from!

05 december 2012

gray and i headed down to mapleton where my cousin, tyler, opened his mission call. he kept joking that he was going to go to boise. not even close. how about outer mongolia? :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

04 december 2012

gray's had LOTS of new foods... probably more than he should, at four and a half months (at least according to all these online articles). but so far so good. he LOVES food. he's had peaches, apples, sweet potatoes, peas, tomatoes, corn (all of these baby foods)... and all sorts of real foods like pickles, soup, bread and pineapple... :D

we are being cautious, though, and making sure to only feed him new things once a week or every 4-5 days. he's still alive, so i guess we're doing okay!

feeding him is hilarious. the first couple of weeks, it got all over. now i can feed him while he's on my lap and he devours it & makes very little mess. he always has one token strange look on his first bite, and then dives right in 

i love all his weird faces :)

03 december 2012

today gray discovered that there's a parrot above his bouncer! he is now kind of concerned whenever he remembers it's there...

02 december 2012

i did mention this is 365 days of gray, right? i need to learn to take photos of other things.

we spent an hour and a half sunday morning taking photos for some friends... six gorgeous roommates in provo who needed a christmas card photo. 

gray was an angel and slept the ENTIRE time. photo shoots bore him, i guess...

and really, aren't these girls beautiful? and they have an awesome hammock...

01 december 2012

gray used to hate baths... he'd only be okay if he was in the shower. now he LOVES splashing, and is pleasant for the rest of the evening :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

30 november 2012

hanging out on our bed, watching the ceiling fan. life's little pleasures...

29 november 2012

gray's favorite new pastime.

28 november 2012

feeling 100% better now. i love coming into his room to his big smiles and toe grabbing. we sat there for thirty minutes while i occasionally snapped photos and he babbled to me and played with his toes. love mornings like this.

27 november 2012

feeling SO much better & bouncing in his bouncer.