Saturday, September 10, 2011


so it's been a while since i posted... here are some updates:

we put an offer in on a house, but we haven't heard anything back yet. we hate short sales. this is our dream house, though.. we're trying not to get our hopes up.

we're on a healthy food/workout kick.. hopefully it lasts :)

we are both loving our jobs but exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around. sleeping in is anything past 5 now. sad...

we're totally in love with each other and do fun things like take webcam photos late at night (and by late i mean ten.. because that's late for us).

that's all for now, folks! i'll try to update this more often.

(thank you for being our friends/family after seeing these. there should have been a video showing our reactions. we'd take about five, then look at them, then laugh til we cried, then do it again. we think we're much more funny than we actually are.. i like it that way)