Tuesday, May 29, 2012

31 weeks

How far along? 31 weeks
Total weight gain: 23 lbs... ah!
Maternity clothes? still mostly regular clothes, but definitely maternity jeans and lots of skirts
Stretch marks? nope!
Sleep: i try not to nap during the day, so that i'm exhausted by the time night rolls around. otherwise i'm up thinking and planning and feeling graysen move.
Best moment this week: 
meeting my new niece (3 week old bree) and my new nephew (3 day old noah)... so cute and they made me SO excited to meet my little guy. it's also nice to have things moving on gray's room. i know i talk about it all the time, but aside from work and editing, working on our house is ALL we do. monday we got the cans in, and the room is painted, except for the chevron stripes, which i'll do sometime this week with erin. photos below :)
Miss Anything? just being more mobile, and maybe having more energy. i know it'll only get worse, but i'm tired alll the time. luckily i have a very understanding husband who tells me all the time i'm entitled to be tired.
Movement: almost all the time. sometimes i wish i could see what he's doing in there. my stomach literally moves from all sides, sometimes at the same time. spaz!
Food cravings: last week was chocolate chip cookies (nick loves me and got lots... my coworkers appreciated it). lately it's granola again. with fruit, yogurt, cereal, anything.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not so much. i even ate fish today! look at me go!

Labor Signs: nope... i keep getting warned about braxton hicks, but nothing yet.
Symptoms: acid reflux/heartburn? no chest burning, just that nasty throat feeling. tums is my best friend. i also have sore ribs, but that's just from our crazy little ninja doing his thing.
Belly Button in or out? still in, but wanting to be flat. i hate looking at my belly button, haha. i don't know why.
Wedding ring on or off? on. i'm pretty sure it will stay on the whole time... i'm a little swollen, but i can still slide it on and off.

Happy or Moody most of the time: very happy :)
Looking forward to: painting chevron stripes & maybe setting up gray's crib. haha. that sounds really lame, but that's really it for this week. and hanging out with nick, of course. we're watching downton abbey, and we have one episode left, so i'm also excited for that. 

we live such a glamorous life ;)

here are some photos from our most recent home projects:

gray's room before we painted it. the cookie-monster-blue was tough to cover up! 


pokey giving us his opinion...

...and then proceeding to eat me.

nick measuring for the cans (i promise i do help... i just take photos first!)

my precious little shadow in idaho :)

where nick framed in for our projector

garn being super helpful w/ the cans!

maya helping me watch a movie ;)

nick wayyyy up high!

pokey, supervisor extraordinaire 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

29 & 30 weeks

oops... i haven't posted for a while. i have lots of photos this week, so i'll try to start adding more of those :)

how far along? 30 weeks
total weight gain/loss: lots :)
maternity clothes? just pants. i don't know if i'll really wear many maternity shirts. i just get bigger shirts and they work fine :)
stretch marks?: not yet! knock on wood...
sleep?: lovely! i think i'm used to getting up several times to go to the bathroom now.
best moment this week?: working on gray's room :) so excited to meet my little boy. doing yard work (i LOVE weeding, i don't know what's wrong with me). doing projects with nick. being able to bend over, haha. being called "tiny" several times today when we visited our old ward. nick's eyes getting huge every time he feels gray give a hard kick.
miss anything?: being more agile, haha. i'm super clumsy and have a really hard time doing things like putting on shoes :)
movement?: always! lately he likes to be nestled under the right side of my ribcage, so sometimes i'm mean and push a little bit so i can feel him moving around. that's when nick felt a big giant kick today at church. we're mean parents :)
food cravings?: i just crave food in general :)
anything making you queasy or sick?: not so much. or everything? downing tums like they're nobody's business
labor signs?: nope! not looking forward to getting contractions :) but i've still got a while, i think.
belly button, in or out?: it's undecided, haha. it's not flat yet, but at night it starts looking kind of warped.
wedding ring, on or off?: on.
happy or moody?: super happy! i love being able to get stuff done. i love my job. love my family. and i have the best husband in the WHOLE world.
looking forward to: going to idaho to meet my sweet new niece this weekend :) and hopefully getting some more done in gray's room this week. this week's goals for gray's room: add the first layer of white paint (maybe the second, too, if we're feeling ambitious) & finish installing the canned lighting & dimmer switch.

Monday, May 7, 2012

28 weeks

how far along? 28 weeks.
total weight gain/loss: 14 pounds up.
maternity clothes? yep... again, wearing lots of skirts. all my shirts still fit, but i usually go for gym shorts and nick's shirts :)
stretch marks?: not yet!
sleep?: pretty good, up until the past couple of days.
best moment this week?: ugh, this week has been tough, going to the hospital to find out what's going on w/ my back and cramping. luckily, everything is normal and good, i'm just still hurting big time.
as far as the "best moment" goes, though, it was definitely nick taking care of me (so lots of moments, i guess). saturday night and sunday i could barely even walk, let alone get myself dressed or sit down or get up. nick has been superman all weekend and has done everything he could to make me feel better. i have the best husband ever :)
also, listening to gray for two hours at the hospital was fun. he tried to kick that thing off like nobody's business, and actually hearing his kicks was funny.
on a side note, getting a catheter was definitely NOT the best part of my week. ouch!!!
miss anything?: not being handicapped ;) when i can bend over without wanting to cry, i'll feel amazing!
movement?: yep, all the time. it's fun getting to know what bugs him and watching things on my stomach bounce around. he kicked nick in the head last night :)
food cravings?: hmmm... not so much. just loving food in general. ate a million strawberries tonight.
anything making you queasy or sick?: at first the acid reflux was just in response to peanut butter. now i get it for almost everything i eat. luckily tums are amazing!
labor signs?: nope, thank goodness! the doctors thought there were, but i was fairly confident i wasn't yet.
belly button, in or out?: still in.
wedding ring, on or off?: on.
happy or moody?: happy, for the most part. after i got over my stubbornness of not being able to do much myself, i did much better.
looking forward to: turning twenty-four! :) okay not really, but it'll be fun to have an excuse to keep nick to myself all weekend.

and here's a photo from friday, i think. don't mind the messy bathroom :)