Monday, April 5, 2010

finishing february

Warning: This is going to be a long post.. I'm determined, over the next few days to catch up, since I'm more than a month behind.. yikes! Apparently I only blog when Nick is out of town. Oh well!

16 february 2010

Another night w/ Garn and Heidi. It's fun having our best friends around so often.. and SO fun seeing their little girl grow up. She's gotten so big, and has such a personality. Below is a photo of our adorable husbands.. both keeping themselves entertained.

17 february 2010

This was an enrichment activity I missed out on.. Nick and I were both feeling sick. But Heidi brought me back all the peices, so I can put it together myself. Cute!
18 february 2010
This is the morning little Riley Apsley was born. Meanwhile, her precious older brother and sister got to hang out with "Aunt Jen", mini donuts and Thomas the Tank Engine? Could life get much better? I think not.

Later that night we got to head over to ALA and watch Jake in Sound of Music. He was part of the Vienna Children's Choir. We were a huge fan of the costume ;)

19 february 2010

Yeah, okay.. this was a stretch. One of our favorite treats is slicing up potatoes, brushing them with olive oil and baking them in the oven. Mmmmm.. fries and homemade fry sauce. See? Even the fry is enjoying it...

20 february 2010

We found this photograph hiding out in our car... I think we had it out for our reception, or something like that. I love love love this picture. My in-laws were cute little kids, weren't they? (Julianne's not born yet, but she would have added to the preciousness). I'm a huge fan of Lisa's glasses and Nick's bald, fat head :) What cute kids we'll have!

And of course she's a cute baby too!

21 february 2010

I LOVE Sunday dinners.. mostly because I don't have to cook them (mom's cooking is best!).. and also because we ALWAYS play games. I always win, of course. I was really amused when I looked up from our game to find Dad had drawn a moustache on himself. He thought it would make him look more.. thoughtful?

Since Maya wasn't able to participate in the game, she felt inclined to eat.. a banana peel. Yuck!

22 february 2010

I was able to go judge a Reflection's contest at a local charter school in American Fork. There were SO many talented entries. This one was definitely my favorite. Made by a little elementary student, out of scraps. So cool.
On my way home I stopped by the Mt. Timp Temple to take some photos. It was a gorgeous, overcast day. We're so lucky to be so close to such a gorgeous temple!

23 february 2010

There are more photos of food in this blog than there probably should be. But cookies.. in a pan.. mmm...

24 february 2010

I love my job.. because we just do weird things. Like make co-workers Available/Unavailable signs. Kim puts up with so much from us... really.

25 february 2010

Mmmm.. I never ate foods like this 'til I married Nick. We had our home teachers over for dinner and made shrimp tacos with mango salsa and chicken fajitas. Mmmm! Then we spent the rest of the night playing games.

26 february 2010

Apparently we had some extra paint.. so we painted half of Jan's office red. I should have done before and after photos, but it looks SO much better with red. (We also cleaned her desk, haha)

27 february 2010

Why would I put in a photograph of our stairs? Probably because I dropped my camera down them. Yeah. I've learned why I married Nick.. I break things and he fixes them. This poor guy, who has never looked inside a camera, took the whole thing apart and put it back together. What a keeper! (I rewarded him with BLT's.. with avacado.. BLTA's? See? I'm cool too!....)

28 february 2010

We got our beautiful quilt that Aunt Melody made for our wedding.. isn't it gorgeous?! This doesn't really do it justice, so you can come to our house to see it in person. But I LOVE it.. thanks Aunt Melody :D
Well look at me go! Done with February.. now just another month to go and I'll be mostly caught up. Bleh, taking the photos is so much easier than blogging them :) I'm loving this project, though.. it's so much fun! Thanks everyone for putting up with me having my camera in your face 24/7. I'm off to the aquarium with my family to take more photos and then I'll come back and we'll see how much of March we can get through.
(If you read this whole thing, thanks for being such a trooper!)