Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I feel like my whole life lately consists of taking photographs, and I love it! I've had more and more people asking me to take their photos, and I feel like I'm stepping outside my very small comfort-zone and trying new things. I've been asked to do two weddings (a week apart) in september. I'm doing bridals. I'm doing groomals. I'm even doing two maternity shots (of two very good friends).

I love this job! really. One of the couples that asked me to do their wedding in september was looking through my photos. While e-mailing back and forth with the bride, she told me her fiance said that he loved how real I made people look.. that they weren't posed or fake.. but real. SO cool. That's exactly what I'm going for. I want people to look how they really are.

Tonight I'm doing my first maternity shot.. it'll be so fun, but I'm going to be honest, I don't know what to expect. I have so many ideas running around my head. I'm excited to see them come to life.

Anyway.. feel free to go check out the photo blog. Sorry, that's definitely getting more of my attention lately than this blog. I'll work on that :) Until then, go leave some love over there!

(ps- did I mention the fact that my BEST FRIEND helps me with all of my photo shoots? Nick is incredible. He holds my reflector (he knows light better than I do), gives me suggestions, goes through the photos with me. He's such a trooper, and he loves this as much as I do. I guess that's why I didn't name our photography Erica Thurman Photography.. it is definitely a team effort.)

Monday, July 12, 2010


okay, i'm having a hard time getting photos to post.. basically i hate the internet. i can manage photographs on my photo blog (thank heavens), but not this one. which is a shame.. because i have some cool photos...

- moab
- nick's birthday
- playing with friends
- our west coast road trip
- idaho family reunion
- disney world! (er.. from december.. heh)

.. and just photos in general. they're cool. be excited for them. but not too excited. because they might never come. and i don't want to let you down. (especially you, jessica...)

so because you get no photographs, here are some not-so-insightful, just-plain-random thoughts from yours truly (it's going to be a busy week, there's a lot going on in my head). if you don't want to read all of this, i've bolded the main points, for your skimming convenience. you're welcome.

- as you've noticed, i've decided not to capitalize lately. i kind of like it.

- i have a really cool husband. he encourages EVERYTHING i do, or talk about, or dream about. he doesn't question me or discourage me, he joins me and loves me and tells me i can do anything. i like him.

- he also decorates cakes. i don't know how many of you know this. we spent an hour yesterday looking through a dessert magazine.. he's gettin' really into it. i like this :)

- he's also the hardest worker ever. we seldom have "down" time. rather we have, i'm-home-from-work-what-project-can-we-work-on time. whew!

- i have two photoshoots this week.. one family and one engagement. and a maternity shot next week. in the next two months i will also be taking bridals and wedding photos. i'm loving this!

- i'm also cooking good food this week.. chicken artichoke calzones, tortilla soup (my crockpot meal while i'm out shooting), bbq-ed hamburgers w/ grilled pineapple & corn on the cob, shrimp and scallop pasta with bruschetta. yum! i love cooking! and baking! this week also holds vanilla bean cupcakes with chocolate frosting (or ganache?) and a fancy cake nick wants to try out.

- also.. i'm going to a semester of culinary school.. dun dun dunnnn!

- also.. we got pell grants. yay! yay for free money!

i think that's all i've got. that's our lives right now. we take photos, cook good food, and work on projects. who needs a job? oh that's right, me. i also need to figure out this whole getting-photos-on-my-blog thing. and not-talking-in-hyphens.

the end.

ps- we're going to epcot/universal studios/island of adventure/HARRY POTTER LAND/florida in december... ahhhh!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

we're back

wow... it's been a while. sorry guys! we're back now. i'm still taking photos every day, nick is still taking things apart and putting them back together, and we're still going on adventures. time to start updating again!