Saturday, February 20, 2010

365 days

5 february 2010
That's right.. I've joined the club. Sixteen days ago, on a Friday night, Nick and I headed out the door to go get a late night Jones soda (I'm sure we were getting other things, but only the Jones seemed important). I love our random outings, because we just talk.. and because we call them outings. Anyway, I told him about my dream of someday doing the "365 day project" so many photographers do. He asked me why I hadn't started. And so I did.
It's only been sixteen days, but it's been an interesting sixteen days. I've learned some days are full of fun photo ops, and some days you have to make up your own. I have learned to start looking around for photos. I've learned how incredibly supportive and creative my husband is (okay, well I already knew that, but you get the idea). So much learning. Some days are full of a hundred photos from some African restaurant, and other days only have five photos of cookies. But it's still fun seeing what makes those days good. Hope you enjoy!

6 february 2010

Mark and Maria's wedding... in Denmark. We decided to celebrate without them. That's how the Savage family rolls. And yes, that fabulous cake was made by yours truly, and frosted by the other half. The raspberries in the middle are two M's, for Mark and Maria... (just in case you forgot, Uncle Steve).

7 february 2010

As previously stated, some days are cookie days.

8 february 2010

Many of my photos will be of Maya. Her parents, Garn and Heidi, are living with Nick's parents for a little while. We usually split the week and take turns cooking (SO nice not cooking every night). This also usually consists of playing games, watching random youtube videos, and playing with little Maya. She has the best seven month facial expressions.. ever.

9 february 2010

This was somewhat of a tragic day. However, I did get to give my brother a ride home from school. He, like Maya, is the child of a million facial expressions. Many of which, I'm sure, will grace this 365 day project. After spending time with him, however, tragedy soon ensued...

Moral of the story: don't leave your laptop on top of your car... or if you do, remember to take it off before you drive away. Nick's Christmas present to me... ouch! Luckily the screen was the only thing damaged, and it's under warranty.
Blessing of the day: For some reason, being the lazy person that I am, when I realized I hadn't packed my planner in my bag, I slid it into the laptop case. Therefore, when some sweet lady found it lying on the side of some random street, she was able to find a name and phone number. (Thank you!!)

(And of course, more Maya...)

10 february 2010

When I carpooled to work with some co-workers, one of them mentioned that she was taking a group of her students to an African restaurant in Salt Lake City. She asked if I wanted to come... and what the heck! Honestly, the idea of the fun things I could take photographs of is what swayed me to go. But the food and the experience is what made me want to go back.

This man was truly fascinating! He and his sister own the restaurant and are from Ethiopia. He spent a little bit of time telling us about his past and other incredible stories. I need to find out what his name is, but he was a lot of fun!

(Sorry the layout is a little sketchy... I'll come back and fix it when it's not midnight. For now, time to go smooch my husband!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I came home from work very angry today. Seriously annoyed. And I don't get seriously annoyed. I think it's pent up frustration that finally popped. Yes, popped.

I understand that I am not an expert on marriage. I have only been married 8 months... I am quite positive there are a great many things I have not yet figured out about marriage. I know, I know... I don't know everything? Shocking!

Regardless, I'm sick of people telling me my opinions of marriage aren't valid because we're "just newlyweds". I'm sick of being told that I shouldn't miss my husband when he goes out of town.. in fact, in a year, I'll LOVE it when he's gone. I'm sick of my husband being told that pretty soon he's going to get tired of eating only green skittles and is going to want to try some different flavors. I'm sick of being told I haven't experienced "real marriage" yet.

My response? You're an idiot.

I understand some people say this in jest. I'm not regarding them. I have a sense of humor, I understand. I am talking to you people who have had bad experiences with marriage, or aren't happy with where you are in life, and feel the need to condemn my marriage and tell me I know nothing about it. False.

I know that it takes work. I know that life isn't always wonderful. I also know that life wouldn't always be wonderful if I were by myself, either. So I chose to have a wonderful (or not-so-wonderful, depending on who you are) life with my best friend. I am genuinely happy and insanely in love. And a year from now, or five years from now, or whenever your definition of "real marriage" starts... I can't wait to show you how "newlywed happy" we still are.

(A little venting for the new year.. sorry!)

Also, thanks to all the INCREDIBLE couples I know who have shown me that a happy marriage lasts beyond the first year. My parents, Nick's parents, Katie & Rob, Brian & Kelly, Julie and her husband, all of my uncles, aunts.. grandparents. I don't care how many of you tell me marriage gets old.. tell it to these people.

PS- In response to the skittle comment at work, Nick took in a bag of ONLY green skittles the next day. Best husband ever.