Friday, March 29, 2013

10 march 2013

and who says you don't get to dress up boys? this outfit just needs a good pair of glasses and then he'd look like on old man.

09 march 2013

we're trying to be more social, since we usually opt for staying at home. saturday we went and visited the penrods, whom we hadn't seen in a while.

08 march 2013

nick's been working 50-60 hours every week, so on friday we go out to lunch. erin hadn't ever been to five guys [gasp], so we ALL went out!

(she approved!)

nick & gray are both very good at smiling for the camera...

07 march 2013

my parents went up to ogden, so the boys got to come spend the night... gray's favorite!

06 march 2013

fat babies are the best kind.

05 march 2013

this is how we can tell he's tired... that glazed stare. and the crazy hair ;) but really. he plays with his hair and his ears when he's tired. i'll try to get a photo of it sometime. 

04 march 2013

two days late, but oh well! can't believe how quickly this baby is getting big. closer to one now than he is to being a newborn. major daddy's boy. super big. won't lift his tummy off the ground. he scoots a lot, but won't crawl. loves reading. talks and talks and talks. still not clingy or afraid of new people. 

love this kid :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

03 march 2013

we have a really weird cat.

02 march 2013

okay, fine, one more.

my grandpa got married on a lovely saturday morning. it's always fun getting together with all of the family.

playing an exciting cup game. thank you, girls camp!

when zoe wants a kiss, she gets a kiss!

grandpa and anne.

the drool. be still my heart.

01 march 2013

whew, it's been a while, huh? like i have a baby and a job and a house and a church calling and... all that jazz. so i figured i'd catch up tonight. and by catch up, i mean do one blog post and then collapse into bed. at ten thirty.

with that, here is a random, poorly-lit photograph of a baby in a cereal box. because that's what you do with babies, right? put them in cereal boxes?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

28 february 2013

ugh, all sorts of behind on posting... again! someday i'll be better at this.

okay.. no.. probably not.

thursday night my dad had another book launch for book #3 that came out this year... the third book in his far world series: air keep. they expected less than one hundred people... by the end of the night, there had been over six hundred! there was face painting, quizzes and pins, places to have your photos taken, drawings for prizes, temporary tattoos and sugar cookies. it was insane and so much fun! here are just a couple of photos from the night. still need to go through them all!

my dad's a rock star.

gray was elated about being shoved up to a poster, as you can tell. he gets it from his crazy parents ;)

gray decided to practice his signature... he had a line of fans going out the door.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

26 february 2013

25 february 2013

finally found a home for scout :) nick is a little happy to have a dog-free home.

but isn't he pretty?