Tuesday, March 27, 2012

22 weeks

(please excuse the lame cell phone photo in our guest bathroom. this weekend was a little crazy and i haven't been feeling especially photogenic ;) but i do have a bump now! or too much food, haha)

how far along? 22 weeks.
total weight gain/loss: 5 pounds up!
maternity clothes? not yet, but i did buy a pair of old navy yoga pants that i might never change out of. ever. my clothes fit, they're just starting to get uncomfortable :) nick REALLY wants me to go get maternity jeans.
stretch marks?: not yet!
sleep?: still having that problem with my hip. i literally can't lift my leg more than a few inches without wincing, it hurts so much. and i'm hot ALL the time. but other than that, i sleep fantastically :) i love sleep.
best moment this week?: my interview at the deseret book corporate office. SO excited to hear back from them! it went so well. we also decided to spell gray's name w/ an a... although since i lost on that one, i don't know if it was the "best" moment ;)
miss anything?: just being able to move properly :)
movement?: i think he knows when i'm trying to sleep, because he turns into a major spaz.
food cravings?: ate lots of sour candy at hunger games on thursday night. anything salty still.
anything making you queasy or sick?: nope.
have you started to show yet?: yeah, i think so :) i feel like it, at least.
labor signs?: not for a while!
belly button, in or out?: in.
wedding ring, on or off?: still on!
happy or moody?: happy :)
looking forward to: hopefully hearing back from deseret book. general conference. kings game & california pizza kitchen w/ nick. going to the temple. seeing robyn. and finishing painting this crazy pink room so that we can move on to gray's room!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

21 weeks

i need to start posting photos of my pregnant self, as per an out-of-state friend's request! i'll take it at night, though, because that's when i'm actually showing... kind of :) or maybe it's just dinner. either way....

i stole these from a really cute girl's blog... she posted a photo of herself and these questions every week, and i thought that was a fun way to keep track of everything. i'll post a photo tomorrow (maybe!).

at our ultrasound on monday we found out i might be a week or two ahead, so i could be anywhere from 21-23 weeks... i'm not sure yet! for now i'll stick with 21 :) though i definitely would not mind being further ahead!

(update: here's a photo! ignore the basketball shorts, unmade bed and clothes on the floor behind me... it's the photo that counts, right?!)

see? a cute little bump! i'll have nick take another one sometime at night, when i look more pregnant.

updated update! a photo of me at night... when i have a bigger bump... or more dinner in me :) the lighting was kind of bad, so i black-and-whited it. hope this works!

how far along? 21 weeks.
total weight gain/loss: 6 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight. i lost ten in the first trimester, so it's nice to finally be back to normal and gaining weight.
maternity clothes? not yet! i tried some on, but they were huge on me. so i'm still wearing jeans w/ a rubberband until about 8 or 9 at night, and then i change into more comfy sweats. the stretchier shirts are nice, though!
stretch marks?: not yet. (knock on wood)
sleep?: was great, until a week ago when i did something to majorly injure my inner hip (whatever that area is called? my pelvis?). so i started sleeping with a pillow propped in between my legs and it is heaven. i've been sleeping so well i don't even get up to pee 20 times :) i'm going to try getting a body pillow tomorrow.
best moment this week?: finding out our little kreacher is a boy! one of the happiest moments ever, just knowing. that, and seeing grey on the ultrasound screen. he is perfect! and nick being so amazed at how much he moved around. it was almost as fun to watch nick as it was to watch grey :) oh! and erin getting him his first outfit! baby clothes... SO cute!
miss anything?: being able to put on pants or move my right leg without crying, haha. hopefully that passes! but i majorly miss subway and dr. pepper. mmm...
movement?: all the time. especially at night, which i hear is common, and when i play music in the car. oh, and when pokey crawls onto my stomach. they're going to be good friends.
food cravings?: still just sour candy. and fries, but i've always loved fries. anything salty and unhealthy is delicious :) i find myself snacking a ton throughout the day, usually on healthy things, though.
anything making you queasy or sick?: not so much, anymore. i'm slowly easing back into sugary foods, which grossed me out for a while. it's nice not feeling queasy anymore :)
have you started to show yet?: at night i get a cute little bump! other than that, not so much. i'm feeling chubby, but not noticeably pregnant. i'm excited for that, though!
labor signs?: haha, not even close. thank goodness!
belly button, in or out?: still in, although i noticed the other day that it's not nearly as deep as it used to be. weird!
wedding ring, on or off?: still on!
happy or moody?: definitely happy! i got super emotional my first trimester, but i've mellowed out and become more normal.
looking forward to: painting grey's room within the next week or two! i'm really excited to get started on that nursery!

if you made it through all of that, good work! so exciting, i know :) but i'm excited to see what changes and what stays the same. 


Thursday, March 15, 2012


a few weeks ago, jake & nick spent the night and we had a LAN party. i'm still convinced LAN stands for "losers and nerds"... but i married into this "family", so i embrace it fully :)

the next morning, jake & nick came with me to church... husband nick was sick. have i ever said how much i love these two? they're really two of my favorite people in the world, and i'm excited for them to be uncles for little grey.

jake is getting so grown up... i mean, he's wearing a sweater vest and a pink tie, for heaven's sake. what a ladies man!

and nick... i swear, he's an old man in an eleven year old's body. he's so clever and witty. and exceptionally weird. i'm a huge fan of him!

and pokey. i love pokey. he's a weird cat. he hangs out in trees. he's afraid of birds. he sits on grey and grey kicks the heck out of him. i'm pretty sure pokey thinks it's a complimentary massage.

some thoughts at 6 a.m.

- it's a boy!! (photos to come) i think everyone probably knew already, but i like to occasionally remind myself.

- i think pokey is trying to nest said boy. any time i sit/lie down, pokey comes up to lay directly where the baby is. baby kreacher is not amused.

- i kept reading about how it was comfortable for pregnant women to sleep with a pillow propped between their legs. i thought that was nonsense. then i did something and pulled a muscle or broke my hip or something equally painful. now i can't sleep unless there's a pillow between my legs.

- at the ultrasound, they moved my due date up a week or two. yay! :)

- the ultrasound was really fun. at first, nick was just in awe. finally he turned to look at me and said, "i had NO idea they could move that much!" he was astonished that our baby was wiggling and squirming and doing major ninja moves.

- this weather has been AMAZING! i could seriously get used to all of march being in the 60's. 

- i will do a real blog post later, but i couldn't fall back asleep after nick left. ta da! thanks for reading, folks.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

week at home

i've really loved having a week with no work, to be completely honest. the house isn't spotless (yet), but dishes are done, the fridge is cleaned out, i've made and frozen several meals, i actually had time to read a book... remarkable, i know! i'm even almost caught up on laundry! will the miracles never cease?

nick's dad was nice enough to offer me a job, making what i did before, part-time and working from home, mostly. so i'll start that next week and still have time for photography! like the wedding we're shooting this saturday :)

life is good!

here are some thoughts & updates :) thanks so much for all your prayers and "good lucks"... we have the best friends and family EVER and are feeling super blessed.

we bought this crib today off of ksl (i love ksl!) and i'm so excited to set it up in a few weeks. it's exactly what i was looking for and it's in almost perfect condition (just a few scuffs to touch up). super happy :)

we also get to find out kreacher's gender on monday... i can't wait just to be able to say him/her instead of "it"! i can also feel the baby moving like crazy now. not all the time, but much more often than i could before. the two times i feel him/her most is at night when i first lay down and recently when i have music playing. since i've been cleaning a lot, i'll turn up the music while i clean and oh man! the baby goes CRAZY! it's soooo funny and it's fun to feel this wiggly little thing dancing inside of me. still kind of crazy, but fun :)

went to ikea yesterday with erin & here sister. erin bought a bulldog.. and named him murphy. at least someone cute has that name now, since my child never will ;)

we also got a bountiful basket on saturday, and i was pleasantly surprised. we'll probably only get them once a month, as it was a lot for just two of us, but i was able to freeze almost all of it, and we used a lot of it this week in meals. 

the kiwis were my favorite... they're the perfect flavor and i've been devouring them. they're slaking my crazy sour candy cravings in a more healthy manner :) and i've figured out how to skin them perfectly without getting rid of the skin! unless you're gross like nick and like to eat the skin... yuck!

welp, that's all for now! we got a bed from my parents for the guest bedroom (aka the horrible pink room) so this weekend we're painting the pink room and then next weekend we're painting kreacher's room. i will definitely post photos! i'm excited to start moving furniture and getting everything settled :)

Friday, March 2, 2012


... and this commercial! okay, i promise to stop now!


... posts like this one make me SO excited to be a mom! as if i wasn't excited enough already...

oh my baby clothes...

nick bossed me around and decided that nick & i decided that it would be a good idea to wait until we know the gender before we buy baby stuff. umm... are you kidding me? this man i married must have no heart, because every time we walk past the baby departments in stores, I melt. they're tiny! and precious! and tiny! and i want them!

today is my final day at work, and everyone has been SO nice! my favorite co-worker, julie, gave me this as a going away present. she said Ii HAVE to tell her when we find out the gender, but she figured she'd go with everyone else's guess of girl...

holy cuteness batman!! every fiber of my being just melted. sorry, nick, there's no way you're going to get me to wait another week and a half now...

(side note: i texted him this photo and when we talked on the phone later, the first thing he asked was, "did you buy this??". after i reassured him that i did not, the next thing he said was, "one more week, babe. you can do this!" haha...)