Tuesday, May 7, 2013

be happy

sometimes things get stressful... money, time, work... and i have to remind myself to be more happy. a lot of times nick and i say to each other "tell me five things that made you happy today." it helps a lot :) today was one of those days... so i thought i'd make a list WHILE blogging. i'm really cool like that.

one: this kid, every time. i love getting smiles from him. he's not constantly smiling, so sometimes i have to do really strange things to get a grin, but it's always worth it.

two: friends. i haven't been great at making friends in our ward. i'm friendly, and people are friendly back, i just haven't really clicked with anyone. but i've made a couple of really good friends lately, and it was nice to just go be a girl for a little while tonight :)

three: baking. cooking. all of it. it doesn't always turn out great (the guacamole i made tonight), but sometimes it's amazing (the white chocolate snickerdoodles i've been munching on all day). it de-stresses me.

four: this guy. always. i don't care what we're going through. as long as i have him by my side, i'm okay. he's my best friend.

five: this weather!! i love gray, cloudy, rainy weather more than any other weather. and the fact that it's been fairly warm? perfect!