Monday, April 30, 2012

27 weeks

how far along? 27 weeks.
total weight gain/loss: 13 pounds up.
maternity clothes? still just jeans. i wear skirts a lot to work, which is nice.
stretch marks?: nope, not yet.
sleep?: splendid, as long as i keep cool! and get up frequently to go to the bathroom.
best moment this week?: getting over being sick! and my two senior photo shoots, which were fabulous. oh, and hanging out with nick, of course. i'm a big fan of him.
miss anything?: peanut butter :)
movement?: all the time. especially when we're on trax... the shaking probably bugs him, because he kicks like crazy. he also kicks if i start to slouch at all... bless his little heart!
food cravings?: limes, haha. for some reason they sounded really good last week, i cut them up and ate them like orange slices. totally weird, but SO good! and salty foods, always. especially the unhealthy ones.
anything making you queasy or sick?: peanut butter :( i still haven't had heartburn, but i get acid reflux if i eat peanut butter. SO lame.
labor signs?: haha, no.
belly button, in or out?: still in.
wedding ring, on or off?: on.
happy or moody?: happy!
looking forward to: hanging out with nick, getting yardwork done. this weekend. maybe a nap or two, if i'm lucky :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

today's discoveries

- peanut butter = acid reflux = sad :(

- the ultrasound lady told me graysen has a big brain, haha.

- he kept reaching his hand out to put it against the monitor... it was cute :) i love him.

- i love my job.

- tomorrow i'm going to brave trax/uta... here's to hoping i don't get lost!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

26 weeks

how far along? 26 weeks.
total weight gain/loss: i'm up 13 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.
maternity clothes? just pants, although i'm still wearing my normal pants with a rubberband.
stretch marks?: nope, not yet.
sleep?: again, with the fan running and a window or two open, i sleep like a dream :)
best moment this week?: starting my new job. hanging out with my brothers. getting to hear gray's heartbeat (we didn't get an ultrasound, because my tire blew out... so that'll be tomorrow). seeing my family yesterday :)
miss anything?: running without feeling awkward :) it's still nice to get out there and run... hopefully i can do that/walk throughout my pregnancy.
movement?: just lots of kicking, especially if i start to encroach on his space. i could feel his little hands today, too, while he was kicking. i love my baby :)
food cravings?: nothing specific this week. i've eaten a lot of cereal and toast.. those always sound good, though. oh, and yellow mustard on my sandwiches... normally i'm not a huge fan, but now it's delicious.
anything making you queasy or sick?: nope. as long as i stay hydrated and snacking, i'm good.
labor signs?: haha, no.
belly button, in or out?: in, but probably not for much longer. it looks weird :S
wedding ring, on or off?: on.
happy or moody?: happy!
looking forward to: my ultrasound tomorrow. working more (i love my job). working on our yard with nick.. we've been spending lots of time out there & i love it!

Monday, April 16, 2012

25 years

"if you want something to last forever, you should treat it differently. you shield it and protect it. you never abuse it. you don't expose it to the elements. you don't make it common or ordinary. if it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish it until it gleams like new. it becomes special because you have made it so, and it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by."
-f. burton howard

happy 25th anniversary to my amazing mom and dad :) among the words listed above, they have taught me...

- how to love and do it well
- how to laugh... at myself, at others, with others...
- that it's gross when you make out in front of your kids...
- ... especially when you're old ;)
- how to cook (that one was mostly mom, but dad did teach me how to make some mean scrambled eggs...)
- how to be best friends with your spouse, even for 25 years
- that you should love your spouse more than your kids, even when your kids get offended every time you tell them that
- to always appreciate and look out for each other
- to talk to each other about everything
- how to talk to each other about everything
- to love someone despite everything else
- that growing up is... well... NEVER necessary ;) especially when you have someone to be a goofball with

... yeah, that is just a few of them. i'm so lucky to have two incredible parents who have stuck with each other and will for eternity. love you guys, and hope hawaii is great!

... but not TOO great. you DO have to come back!

"before i married her, she had been the girl of my dreams, to use the words of a song then popular. she was my dear companion for more than two-thirds of a century, my equal before the lord, really my superior. and now, in my old age, she has again become the girl of my dreams."
-gordon b. hinckley

Sunday, April 15, 2012

25 weeks

how far along? 25 weeks.
total weight gain/loss: not sure. i fit in maternity clothes, but only at night :) i feel chubby, though.
maternity clothes? just pants, and at night. everything is still good :)
stretch marks?: nope.
sleep?: really good. i'm tired all the time, so i'm out cold every night :) the pillow between my legs is helping a lot. as is having our fan running. poor nick gets cold sometimes, but it feels so nice to me. i still sleep with half of my body hanging out of the blankets.
best moment this week?: hanging out with my family. we've had my brothers all week, which kind of worried me, but it's actually been really nice. i definitely feel more motherly ;) they're really good boys.
oh! and getting the job at deseret book, but part-time instead of full-time. it was a definite answer to prayers.
miss anything?: not so much!
movement?: he's been kicking hard lately. and up higher than he's ever been. normally he's been down low, but today i got some good solid kicks up near my ribs. this little boy is going to do some damage later on. nick's always surprised by how hard his kicks are, haha.
food cravings?: always salty food. and still eating leftover easter food. i need someone to dump it all onto.
anything making you queasy or sick?: i only feel queasy if i don't drink enough water, which isn't too often lately.
labor signs?: haha, no.
belly button, in or out?: in.
wedding ring, on or off?: on.
happy or moody?: happy!
looking forward to: working more. mom & dad getting home :) even though i'm loving the boys, it'll be nice to have our house back. oh, and working on the yard more. we got started on it this weekend and it got me really excited. it's funny how working on something that's your own is so much better than weeding for your parents ;) we also get another ultrasound this week, since graysen wasn't too compliant last month. jake & nick are going to come with me, so it'll be fun for them to see gray!

Friday, April 13, 2012

salt lake city

while my parents are in hawaii for their 25th wedding anniversary (yay!), i'm stuck blessed with the honor of watching two sweet young boys ;) yesterday, nick took work off and we went with jake & nick to city creek & the museum of natural history. it was a super rainy day, so it was nice to have fun things to do!

Monday, April 9, 2012


whenever i clean or fold laundry, even edit sometimes, i turn on a tv show or music. i don't like quiet (probably because i grew up in a house of noisy people). last week while i was folding a particularly large pile of laundry, i decided i'd try watching "lost". i know, i know... even nick told me it got pretty lame and he only made it through the first three or four seasons. my parents didn't even make it to the end of season 2. so we'll see how it goes.

but right now...

... i'm hooked.

i'm about six episodes away from being done with season one. SO intense. i need to stop watching it at night, though. for a pregnant woman who is already having crazy dreams... not so good :)

but still a really fun show! has anyone watched all six seasons? or started? what'd you think?

24 weeks

how far along? 24 weeks.
total weight gain/loss: still don't know, but i'll find out in a week :)
maternity clothes? just pants, on occasion. everything else, i still fit into.
stretch marks?: nope.
sleep?: pretty good. just wake up every now and then if i get too hot.
best moment this week?: spending the weekend hanging out with nick. i really like that guy.
miss anything?: dr. pepper :)
movement?: just the normal squirming and kicking. i love just laying down and feeling him move.
food cravings?: nope. i probably ate too much sugar yesterday, though. darn easter bunny!
anything making you queasy or sick?: nope! 
labor signs?: not yet!
belly button, in or out?: in.
wedding ring, on or off?: on.
happy or moody?: happy! :) <--- like that
looking forward to: well, i got a second interview at the deseret book corporate office today, but i'm feeling very unsure still about working (we've prayed about it a lot... trying to figure it out). the boys are also coming tomorrow to stay for ten days while mom & dad go to hawaii. so that'll be fun ;) nick's taking thursday off and we're taking the boys up to salt lake. it'll be good!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

ready to get right out!

so a few weeks ago we did the "cake cutting" to find out the gender of the baby. the lady who did our ultrasound told us to look away while she investigated the baby's more revealing areas, and then let us look while she found his face, arms, feet, etc. (SO cute, by the way). then she texted rachel, who made our cake, and rachel filled the cake with either blue or pink frosting. nick accidentally got a peek at the text (the doctor didn't close out of it on his phone), so it was mostly just a surprise for me :) but it was fun!

the cute (and tasty!) cake that rachel made us!

anna, jakey, lucas and myself were all very anxious to find out! this was right when i saw the blue frosting. yayyyy! so happy :) thanks erin for taking the photo! and lukey for helping me cut the cake right in half :) 

then we started dishing out cake (we had a chocolate one, too). after there was only once slice left, i realized i hadn't taken a photo of the blue frosting. oops! so here it is! it's a boy :) yay!

(i saw anna & lukey today. anna came up, patted my stomach and said, "is that baby ready to get right out of you?? he's going to be so cute!" haha, if only, anna! 16 more weeks!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

23 weeks

how far along? 23 weeks.
total weight gain/loss: nick broke our scale a while ago, so i'm not sure :) or maybe i just don't want to know...
maternity clothes? finally bought a couple of pairs of small maternity jeans (funny, because i don't feel small!). SO comfy! thanks, tiff, for taking me to park city! then i borrowed some maternity clothes from tiff & nick's mom also gave me some fun clothes. i think i'm set!
stretch marks?: not yet! keeping my fingers crossed on that one.
sleep?: not too bad. i'm really hot all the time, so i'm always kicking blankets off. poor nick :)
best moment this week?: just watching nick anytime he feels gray. his eyes completely light up, and he starts talking to him. it's really cute! gray stops anytime he hears nick's voice. though lately nick has taken to talking to him in a "monster" voice... he says he's teaching it to gray.
miss anything?: if i did, feeling my baby move makes up for it :)
movement?: HARD kicks. it's startling and makes me a little nervous for when he gets bigger and stronger :)
food cravings?: granola, this week. winco has huge bins of vanilla almond granola... i've been eating tons of it.
anything making you queasy or sick?: nope!
have you started to show yet?: yeah :)
labor signs?: not yet!
belly button, in or out?: still in, but looking weird sometimes.
wedding ring, on or off?: on
happy or moody?: happy! although we've both gotten very emotional (in a good way) during conference whenever we hear talks about being parents/mothers/fathers/etc. what saps!
looking forward to: painting gray's room. we finally finished the guest bedroom, so gray's will come next. hopefully this week, but probably next. we also are taking in my brothers next week for ten days, so that will be interesting :)