Thursday, July 14, 2011

i'm gonna go crash

before you think i have a sick sense of humor, i titled the blog post that because after all was said and done, nick said, "alright, let's go crash!".. as in, take a nap. haha. not using that phrase anymore!

soooo.. i crashed the car today. it was kind of exciting. i feel weird now, because i've felt a whole bunch of emotions, so now i feel.. drained? i decided to write a little bit about it.. mostly because nick's making me stay in bed for a little while (rude, huh?) ;)

he is getting me cafe rio, though, so he is forgiven.

what's the worst is that where i crashed is not where i was supposed to be.. does that make sense? i was driving to work and realized i needed to take something to the post office. so instead of going all the way down 8th north to get to work, i turned onto state and went down to center so i could drop off my letters. as i turned right, my stuff started to slide off the passenger seat, so i looked down and caught it all with my arm. literally just two seconds. i looked back up in time to hit the back of another car.

i didn't have time to hit the brake or swerve, just hit. i braced my body and the airbag went off. scariest thing ever, no joke. i hate the airbag. had it not gone off, my arm wouldn't be burned, i would be as bruised, and our car wouldn't have to get inspected to decide whether or not it's "totalled" (it's not, by the way, but they still have to inspect it). 

so it hit. everything was smoking. the airbag, the engine.. totally freaked me out. i got out of the car and some super sweet black ladies came running out of the mcdonalds to take care of me, haha. they were adorable, and seriously the nicest women ever. they hugged me while i broke down crying, gave me their phones to call nick, and pushed my car into the parking lot for me. their little boy even offered me the rest of his food, haha. so sweet.

in all honesty, everyone was SO nice. i was overwhelmed by how nice they were. the guy i hit, he had gotten into some sort of road rage battle with another guy, and when they turned onto center, the guy cut him off and slammed on his brakes. resulting in me crashing. the guy who caused it then made a u-turn and flipped us off, laughing. jerk. seriously. big, mean, jerk.

the guy i hit was my age, super nice. a million policemen, an ambulance, and a firetruck showed up. haha, overkill? i realized later that center street is where all that is. but they took care of the burn on my arm, telling me how impressive it looked and that they'd never seen one like that. the policemen were awesome, asking if i was okay. if i hadn't been so shaky and emotional, i probably would have made sure to tell them that they're wonderful :)

nick got to come down from salt lake and save me. i was totally calm until i talked to him and my parents, and then i broke down, haha. they have that effect, you know? the only bummer is that since the airbag went off, the car might be considered "total loss".. which would suck. they towed it to our house (thank you, geico) and at some point an inspector will come out to make the decision. it's really not bad.. the hood and bumper are dented and the airbag went off. oh, and the coolant leaked all over the place. still driveable.. kind of :)

so that's my exciting story for the day. luckily we live with an er doc, so dad hooked me up with some good antiseptic ointment (or something like that), bandaged me up, and gave me drugs. mmm! and now i'm being spoiled, and we get the day off work.. ta da! had i known it would be that easy to get a day off... 

here's a photo. it looks cooler in person, and my arms are turning purple from the bruises. i love adrenaline, i felt so good up until a couple of hours ago. now i have icepacks all over & i feel like an old person.

it's a phone photo, so it's not the best quality. what a shame, huh? ;) i told scott i just colored it with marker to make it look worse.

welp, nick's here with cafe rio salad.. bless his heart! so long!