Tuesday, January 14, 2014

you are my wild - week 1 & 2

i am your parent.
you are my child.
i am your quiet place.
you are my wild.
i am your calm face.
you are my giggle.
i am your wait.
you are my wiggle.
i am your dinner.
you are my chocolate cake.
i am your bedtime.
you are my wide awake.
i am your lullaby.
you are my peekaboo.
i am your goodnight kiss.
you are my "i love you."
-maryann k. cusimano

there was a blog i loved following with a bunch of photographers that did a weekly project called you are my wild (find the blog here), but it was only for a year and ended at the end of december. i was really sad not to be able to look through their beautiful photos anymore... but then thought that i could probably handle taking one photograph a week of my little person. and weekly is more reasonable than daily, since i'm about to add another little person to our gang. then she'll be able to make an appearance, too.

i'm trying to be better at enjoying the little every day moments with this bug... especially since things will be a little more wild in about two months. so here are week one and two:

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  1. Love it! I'm starting to think my daily pictures, which haven't happened for a week, will be turning into weekly pictures. Daily just seems a bit much to me too! Love your "wild bug"! ;) (And you too, of course!)