Sunday, December 28, 2014

dante's birthday

And one more today, just to show myself I'm serious about this blogging business. Dante turned three last month, so we went over to celebrate. We didn't even get him stickers this time!

(Nick started a horrible tradition of getting Maya and Dante stickers with their birthday present every year... which they loved. Which their parents did not. I told Nick he needed to stop or our kids would be given stickers in retribution. So this year we settled with Batman Legos.)

When we got there, Dante was under the table playing Plants Vs. Zombies, as it is his favorite thing in the whole, wide world. Luckily, he was willing to come out for his Plants Vs. Zombies birthday cake. Score!

He looks really angry when he blows out candles. 

But this was my favorite part of the evening. Gray's first time with a jack in the box. He thought it was hilarious to scream every time the bear popped out. Pretty soon he had a crowd laughing (AKA encouraging) every time he screamed.


  1. Welcome back, friend! So glad to see your updates and your lovely photos. When are you free to catch up? Miss you.

  2. Great action photography....the perfect jack in the box photo! You should contact that company and sell them this photo:)